CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti

Packing of the CleverCLEAN PRO anti-graffiti


Graffiti vandalism guard “CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti” is simple and safe product which warrants fine facade, long effective period for buildings and constructions

The building owner tries in first remove “mural painting “ by solvent. Solvent dilutes paint and brings it into material. There are spots and paint traces remain in surface. Even through graffiti is removed first time with good results, next time reach same results in removing “mural painting “ is almost impossible. Cleaning surface after graffiti in porous area seldom gets success result.

Removing anti-graffiti is always expansive and problematic. The best way to resolve this problem is prior protection of the facades and construction from graffiti vandalism with up to date chemical technology products.

Nanoformula factory produces in 2013 new type of protective coating “anti-graffiti” – water emulsion which creates on building’s and construction’s surfaces protective barrier layer. CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti is recommended for permanent protection from graffiti.

Product can be used both as separately and with pretreatment by water proof impregnation “Voka”.

CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti recommended for:

Emulsion “CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti” has an excellent adhesion both to smooth and pour surfaces
and also: