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CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti coating

CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti. Bar code: 4742692000789

3kg CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti. Bar code: 4742692000789

PSYCHOLOGICAL CASE! No graffiti, no problem. But when the first "arts" are appeared, a feverish search for ways to get rid of them begins. It's always stressful and expensive. Hazardous chemicals and high labor costs required. Often, damaged areas are simply painted over with a loss of appearance.

DO NOT BE IN THE CAPE OF ILLUSIONS, naively assuming that this problem will be bypassed. It is much easier and cheaper to preliminarily protect surfaces before graffiti is appeared.

CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti coating is a professional protection against vandal graffiti and easy removal of one without chemicals. Neutral aqueous emulsion, forms a transparent barrier layer on brick, concrete, painted and other surfaces.

Graffiti is easily removed together with the barrier layer by steam or hot water under by pressure or with brush. After that, the protective coating must be restored. The protected surface does not absorb moisture and retains the best performance properties of the material.

Instructions: Apply the product evenly by brush, roller or spray onto a clean, dry surface.

Consumption is 10-14m2 / kg. Drying time (at 18 C) 2 hours. Application temperature should be more +5 C. If the surface is smooth, the product can be diluted with water in a ratio 2: 1(water). Use gloves and safety glasses. Wash tools with hot water. Shelf life: 4 years from the production date in a tightly closed canister. Avoid freezing.

Product last protection is at least four years, after which re-treatment is recommended.

Anti-vandal coating CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti

Graffiti on a protected wall

Graffiti on a protected wall

CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti anti-vandal coating is developed against a common form of vandalism - unwanted drawings that are often found in schools, shops, on building facades, in entrances of residential buildings, at public transport stops ...

Usually removing graffiti is a costly and labour-intensive job. The cost of such a service reaches 60 Euro per square meter. In addition, graffiti is removed with hazardous chemicals. Each such work is not safe for humans and pollutes the environment.

The demand for anti-graffiti protection products is high. An excellent method of battle with it install a barrier between the surface and the applied vandal drawing, regardless of the type of paints or other stains used by the intruders. Such anti-vandal coatings should be easy to apply, invisible and have a long protective effect.

Anti-vandal product properties

Same wall after graffiti removal

Wall after graffiti removal

Emulsion CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti refers to barrier sacrificial protection. It is easy to apply, forms a transparent anti-vandal layer on the surface, which has last at least 4 years.

The main elements of the anti-graffiti composition are an aqueous wax emulsion with the inclusion of nano-dispersed silica to create a reliable and durable layer.

CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti coating is designed against any graffiti, regardless of the type of paint or other stains used by vandals. Unwanted designs can be easily removed together with the barrier coating.

Where to use

Steam cleaner for removing graffiti

Steam cleaner for removing graffiti

The composition does not contain components that react with surface materials used in construction, to which they are applied. The anti-vandal coating easily covers the surface and forms a reliable water-repellent barrier on it.

The product is intended for the protection of porous building mineral such as concrete, brick, plaster, limestone and other materials — painted surfaces, wood, metal and plastic.

Designed for opaque materials. Non-uniform areas may be visible on glass, transparent plastic. It is also not recommended for using it to protect painted vehicle bodies. The coating cannot be sanded or polished, and its irregularity will also be noticeable. Another limitation is related to the structural features of the protective layer. It is not abrasion resistant. So products cannot be used to protect floors, squares, streets and road surfaces with heavy traffic of people and vehicles. Thus, the anti-vandal coating can only be used on real estate objects, urban infrastructure, walls in residential entrances, on staircases, etc. — not subject to intense abrasion during operation.

Removing the protective coating

Protected / unprotected area on the sand-lime brick after graffiti removal

Protected / unprotected area on the sand-lime brick after graffiti removal

The coating can be easily removed using hot water or steam. The layer expands under the temperature, come off the surface and rolls off like a neutral film. The temperature for removing the anti-vandal coating is more 70 C. For large surfaces, we recommend available on sale pressure devices or portable steam generators. For small areas, it is enough to pour hot water on the stained surface to wash off the barrier layer with the graffiti. If necessary, use a brush for removing any remaining barrier layer from the surface.

When the protective coating is removed, the surface remains clean and uniform — ready for reapplication of the barrier layer.

The protective properties of the layer are keeping for 4 years. When graffiti appears, it is necessary to remove the vandal pattern with hot water or steam and re-coat this area with emulsion.

If it is necessary to carry out facade or other repair and construction work, the barrier layer can be removed from the necessary work area. To do this, you need to clean the surface with steam or hot water. This distinguishes CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti from anti-vandal coatings with the formation of a permanent layer, the removal of which without damaging the substrate is quite difficult, and in some cases impossible task.

Surface application

Applying CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti emulsion to the surface

Applying CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti emulsion to the surface

The factory produces a ready-to-coat product. Since the aqueous emulsion is a viscous liquid, we recommend using a roller or brush for application. In some cases, you can use a spray for viscous paints. In this case, it is allowed to dilute the emulsion with water before use. The dilution ratio should not exceed a ratio 2 : 1(water). The specific dilution for applying the layer is determined empirically.

The temperature of the work must be at least 5 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to apply in clear weather in the absence of rain. The protective coating is a rain resistant after drying. Drying time depends on specific conditions and season and varies from 2 to 24 hours.


There are not harmful substances in the composion of the emulsion. However, it is not recommended pouring it into the sewer or water bodies. The aqueous composition is sensitive to freezing. After defrost, flakes fall out and the product becomes unusable. It is impossible restoring the product after freezing.

CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti anti-vandal emulsion shelf life is 4 years from the date of production, which is printed on the package.