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Nanotech Exterior care and shine products

Body polishes are designed for hand polishing the exterior of cars and other vehicles. They shine and protect against abrasive particles, corrosion and fading. Applying for protection painted body, rims, headlights, tires, plastic and metal elements of the car exterior. Thanks to the protective properties surfaces are easily maintained in excellent condition without the use of chemicals.

Polishes do not contain water and can be used at any season. The duration of the protective effect is up to 2 months, depending on the operating conditions of the vehicle. If the protective properties decrease, it is necessary to repeat the treatment. They do not pollute the environment.

Working life: 3 years from the date of manufacture (on the bottle). It is recommended to use Nanoformula terry and smooth microfiber cloths with this product.

Nanotech products for polish and protection auto exterior

Car exterior after protection

Car exterior after protection

In time due to external factors Over time, due to external factors cobweb appears on the body of a car, factory shine disappears, the varnish becomes matte. A car that lost its lustre, even if it is clean, looks cheap and sloppy, the ingress of moisture and chemical compounds into damaged areas causes corrosion of the body. To prevent destruction and avoid costly restoration of the paintwork, an affordable way will help to preserve the appearance — the use of Nanoformula protective body polish products.

Using of Nanoformula products for car exterior is especially important when chemical reagents are abundantly used on the roads, and weather conditions are accompanied by often temperature changes.

Description of car exterior polishes

Polishing scratches near the car door handle

Polishing scratches near the car door handle

The Nanoformula factory has designed protective polishes for vehicle exterior that improve the appearance and protect the car body from aggressive external influences. Exterior polish products not only protect the paintwork, but also plastic, metal, rubber and chrome parts.

Nanoformula protective polishes are:

  • Viscous, milky liquid with a pleasant odour.
  • Can be used for cars of any age and brand.
  • Adapted for northern latitudes and for all seasons.
  • The products are easily applied to the surface, removes minor scratches.
  • Does not contain aggressive or irritating ingredients.
  • It takes 15 - 20 minutes to protect a middle class car.
  • Cost of funds for one middle-class car is about 30 grams
Car headlight polishing

Car headlight polishing

The Car.Exterior kit and CleverCOAT for car exterioris designed for DIY hand plishing at home. These polishes have an identical composition and differ only by volume and packaging.

For professional polishing of the body, the factory offers CleverCOAT PRO for vehicles exterior (also for hand applying). This composition has a higher concentration of nano particles, which provide a longer lasting effect protection. The professional product is intended not only for a car exterior, but also for other types of transport: rail, water and aviation.

How car exterior polishes work

Bus paintwork polishing

Bus paintwork polishing

Car exterior polishes are a liquid polymer mix with nano-dispersed particles of metal oxides included . Both nano particles and the polymer work effectively in composition. Polymer fills in microcracks, scratches, irregularities in the paintwork and visually eliminates them after applyed protective polishing product for car exterior. It restories depth and color saturation of the car exterior.

Due to the high specific surface area of the embedded nanoparticles, even small particles' concentration in the composition is sufficient to cover the surface with a continuous layer. Nano-dispersed particles in the formulations impart high abrasion resistance to the coating for protection driving vehicles against external adverse factors on the exterior — sand, dust, dirt, etc. The composition of car exterior products form an ultra-thin layer on the surface that protects the car from salt, road reagents, acids and alkalis, ultraviolet radiation and other aggressive environmental influences.

Bus rims protection

Bus rims protection

In addition, the protective layer on the car exterior's after polishing obtains water-repellent properties. During car driving dirt easily rolls off the surface of the body and thus the surfaces have been self-cleaning. Protective polishing of the body reduces the accumulation of dirt on the car body, simplifies car care, protects against oxidation and chemical destruction of the paint.

Consumption of polishing products for car exterior

The consumption of all products is the same — 3 g / m2. For a middle-class car with a total exterior area of about 10 – 12 m2 as a unit, it is enough to spend only 30-40 g of product for polishing of the car. It makes no sense to increase the consumption of the product for the car exterior in the hope of obtaining a longer lasting effect. Excess polishes on the surface will only lead to additional efforts for their removal but will not improve the effect. The best result of protective exterior polishing is obtained with the use of a minimum amount of product.

Product Protected surface, m2 Vehicles, PCs
100g bottle in box CleverCOAT for car exterior 33 3
200ml car protection kit for auto exterior 66 6
300ml car protection kit for auto exterior 99 9
450g bottle CleverCOAT PRO for vehicles exterior 149 13
Hydrophobic properties of the car body after polishing

Hydrophobic properties of the car body after polishing

Car exterior products last is about two months. The shelf life of the products is 3 years, which ensures long using of the product.

200ml or 300ml Car.Exterior kits include microfibre cloths. The CleverCOAT for car exterior and CleverCOAT PRO for vehicles exterior products are produced without them. For using these products necessary additionally purchase terry and plain microfibre cloths Nanoformula or use your own cloths of a similar structure.

Microfiber cloths are an important accessories for working with products for car exterior to get the desired result.