Car.Exterior set for nanotech auto polish and protect from corrosion, dirt and friction in slushy weather

Packing of the super hydrophobic ceramic coating Car.Exterior


Paint protecting and polishing product Car.Exterior

All-weather, eco-smart car protector and polisher product. Protecting your car exterior from dirt in slushy weather

This unique perennial, eco-friendly product protects your car exterior from corrosion, dirt and friction in begrimed weather and in winter. It also gives shiny look to your car and guarantees your satisfaction.

Nano protect and polish product makes the car visually more attractive and creates the protective layer which takes upon itself all external impacts, especially in the winter time. Protective layer consists of polymer included in nanoparticles zirconium oxide which reliable protects painted surfaces.

Both: liquid product and layer don’t content volatile matter, which may evaporate and nano composition remain along in surface. It is important because nanoparticles silent epidemic is not enough known yet. So nanoparticles are always bounded and harmless in product.

This product have especially been developed and customized for the Nordic countries and can be applied effectively at any temperature.

The product is affordable for a wide community of car owners, secure a reliable protection of their cars against external impacts and provide a considerably longer service life.

Product's consumption is 3-5 g/m2 and has long effect. Protected exterior is easy to clean by only wet wipe with water or with nanoFormula car cleaner - without any environmental pollution. It is Eco – smart nanoprotect polish product.

One Car.Exterior set is enough for treating middle-sized car for 5-6 (200ml set) or 8-9 times (300ml set).

Surface pre-treatment before protective coating:

To achieve full Car.Exterior effect, preliminary wash the surface with a suitable detergent or Car.Cleaner
We recommend uniform spraying the product onto Cloth.Terry in the «stream» mode covering some areas only. It is to be followed by distributing uniformly the product on the surface by the same cloth. Please follow user manual.