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Rain reppelent car glass products

Hydrophobic coatings for auto glass (anti-rain) are designed for protection car windows and headlights, and improve driving safety. The product does not contain water and can be used at any season temperature. The content of the bottle is enough to treat 8 times windows of a middle-class car. Last is on average 3 months, depending on the operating conditions of the vehicle and the quality of surface preparation for coating.

Working life: 3 years from the date of manufacture (on the bottle). It is recommended to use Nanoformula terry and smooth microfiber cloths with this product.

Rain reppelent hydrophobic protective coating for car glass

Treated car glass with hydrophobic coating

Treated car glass with hydrophobic coating

Hydrophobic protection of car windows is important for the driver to feel safe and comfortable while driving. Drivers have already positively assessed the Nanoformula hydrophobic anti-rain coatings, which ensure the cleanliness and transparency of the glass in all weather improving visibility when driving, and reduce eye fatigue. Hydrophobic coatings prevent the adhesion of dirt, insects, oil film on car glass and accumulation of rain drops and snow.

How it works

Hydrophobic coatings of car glass are a composition of liquid polymers (oligomers) with nano-dispersed particles inside. Composition with polymer has high fluidity. It spreads easily over the surface, fills in irregularities, eliminates glass optical defects formed by micro-scratches, chips and other defects. Coatings for glass create a smooth surface without glare and streaks, which increases driving safety (for example, in the oncoming light of cars), allows following the road without stress, and increases the driver's reaction in an emergency.

Bus windshield protection

Bus windshield protection

Rain reppelent compositions for glass contains nano-dispersed particles of titanium dioxide and zirconium oxide. In spite of relatively low concentration of nano particles, they form a continuous nano protective hydrophobic layer on glass due to their high specific surface area. The treated glass is self-cleaning when the car is moving according to the mechanism named as "lotus effect" - when water drops easily roll off the surface, carrying away dirt and the glass becomes clean.

Formulations do not contain volatile components. The all amount of product that is applied to the surface forming of a hydrophobic coating on glass without evaporation. It has been experimentally found that 3 grams of product per square meter is enough for forming a protective layer.

Car glass treating

Car glass treating

The excess must be removed, otherwise it is not possible to obtain a durable protective layer on the glass. An increase in the consumption of a hydrophobic composition for glass not only does not lead to the desired result, but on the contrary — necessary apply additional efforts for removing the excess. In this case, the formed protective glass coating is of low quality and less durable.

Range of hydrophobic coatings for auto glass

The factory offers three types of glass protective coatings:

Protected car windshield

Protected car windshield

Car.Glass set included a 200ml spray bottle and two microfiber cloths: terry cloth and one smooth. The kit includes all that necessary for car glass protection.

CleverCOAT for car glass - 100g bottle. Economical and convenient packaging that takes up little space.

These products prepared for DIY application and have the same composition.

Professional hydrophobic coating CleverCOAT PRO for transport glasses, 450 g bottle - has a higher concentration of nano particles, which provides a longer protective effect. Professional rain reppelent conposition is designed for any type of transport: rail, water, air.

Consumption of protective coating for glass and treatment frequency

If take a middle-class car as a unit, 12g of the product is enough for hydrophobic protection of all car windows. How many cars can be treated with each the proposed glass protective coatings can be seen from the table below:

Product Protected surface, m2 Vehicles, PCs
100g bottle in box CleverCOAT for car glass 33 9
200ml Car.Glass set 66 17
450g CleverCOAT PRO for vehicles glass 149 38
Untreated / treated auto glass

Untreated / treated auto glass

The shelf life of the products is 3 years, which ensures long using of the product.

The duration of the protective effect of the coating for glass depends on season weather and the intensity of vehicle use, the frequency and type of car washes, as well as the right applying of the protective coating to the surface and next polishing. The average last is 3 months.

Car windows coated with a hydrophobic composition are less susceptible to further contamination. Often washing with car shampoo becomes unnecessary, it is enough to wipe the car windows with a damp cloth or just wash it with water. The hydrophobic property of the protective glass coating is retained after several car washes. If the protective effect is weakened, it is necessary to repeat the glass treatment.


Treated bus glass

Treated bus glass

Formulations are adapted for northern latitudes and for any season.

Easy to apply and polish at any ambient temperature. No special conditions or tools are required for polishing. The treated glass is water-repellent, self-cleaning and allows car windows “be dry when get out from the water”.

As mentioned above, the recommended consumption for all compositions for glass is 3g / m2. It is recommended to apply this small amount of product to the surface and remove the excess with only microfibre terry cloths, use a smooth cloth for polishing. Cloths are important accessories for the application and formation of protective coatings on glass.

There are two cloths included in the Car.Glass set. That apply other products necessary purchase terry and smooth microfibre cloths or use own microfibre cloths of a similar structure.

Protective glass coatings produced according to the original recipe are affordable for any car owner.