CleverCLEAN for kitchen

Packing of the nanotech easy to clean product CleverClean for kitchen


CleverCLEAN for kitchen: protective and shine kitchen coating

Universal nano technology safe coating designed for ceramic, glass, metal, plastic work kitchen surfaces and for protection the stove plate.

The product creates both clean easy water and oil resistant shine kitchen surfaces. Product is eco smart. One part of CleverCLEAN for kitchen substitutes ten parts of conventional chemicals applied in household use. It also helps and allows you to cut down on common cleaning chemicals (which are often dangerous and hazardous) at least in ten times.

CleverCLEAN for kitchen creates environment surfaces on which bacteria and microbes cannot habitat – spreading of various infections is blocked.

No scrapers and chemicals are needed to keep the surfaces ideal. It quickly restores original deep color and shine of the surfaces in the kitchen area.

Protected with CleverCLEAN stove plate surfaces exhibit non-stick (up to 300 C) and also grease repellent properties. No scrapers and chemicals are needed to keep the stove plate in perfect condition. Used for all kinds of kitchen surfaces, refrigeration and kitchen equipment.

Consumption: 3g/m2 (one bottle is enough to cover 30–40m 2).

Surface pre-preparation:

To achieve the full shine and protection, it is recommended to clean the surface with a suitable detergent and follow to user manual.