CleverCLEAN for home - universal cleaning kit



The CleverCLEAN home kit includes the most popular products in this series:

— for home interiors
— for kitchen
— for bathroom / toilet

The set of these easy home cleaning products allows fast and easily clean up with minimal labour costs and with consistently high quality.

Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture (on the bottle).

CleverCLEAN for the kitchen

CleverCLEAN for the kitchen will probably become a simple and necessary attribute, just like dishwashing products. The composition has high temperature resistance and is used as a non-stick coating for all types of surfaces from metal, glass, ceramics, enamel plates and other materials. No need for chemicals and scrapers to remove dirt from protected surfaces. It is enough to use a dry or wet cloth for high-quality cleaning up.

It creates hydrophobic self-cleaning protective coatings on kitchen furniture, equipment, sinks, tiles, metal surfaces.

This product is easy to apply, polish, environmentally friendly and very economical. Not being a bactericide prevent the spread of infection. The products easily give the kitchen an attractive appearance and guarantee quality results.

CleverCLEAN for bathroom / toilet

CleverCLEAN for bathroom / toilet for high-quality cleaning of bathroom and toilet creates optically transparent hydrophobic protective coatings on surfaces. The nano protective coating prevents contamination of sanitary fittings, ceramics, glass, chrome-plated surfaces, protects metal from corrosion, prevents contacting moisture with metal.

The protective coating prevents the formation of salt stains on bathrooms and toilet fitting. Stains are either simply washed off with water or can be easily removed with a cloth, because the adhesion of salt deposits to the treated surface is very weak. The composition is inert, does not contain abrasives. It is also recommended for the treatment of shower cabins, chrome fitting and ceramic tiles.

CleverCLEAN for home interior

CleverCLEAN for home interior is intended for the care of painted and lacquered furniture (as furniture polish), glass and home interior parts, plastic, electronic and electrical household appliances.

The first visual effect of using the product is the return of a deep and pleasant colour to the elements of the house interior and furniture. However, we think that more attention deserves that the product reduces expanding contagion at the home space. This is of high importance when working with computers, gadgets, and household appliances. Product visually eliminate scratches and improves general hygiene.

Protective nano coatings give for easy and high-quality home cleaning up, have protection last for a long time. With their help routine cleaning at the home turns into a pleasure!

Packing CleverClean set

Packing of the nanotech easy to clean product Nanoformula CleverClean set