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Packing of Nanoformula Cloth.Polish

Use the Nanoformula Cloth.Polish

Reusable (when using with our nanoFormula products fouled with the cloth- to be disposed together with solid waste). Can be applied for other household purposes. Resistant to about 400 washing cycles. Used dirty Cloths to be disposed with solid waste.


Don't dry on heaters. In case of an eye contact, wipe with big amount of water. If required consult the doctor.

Main information about Nanoformula microfiber polish cloth for polishing protected surfaces

Microfiber cloth has a special smooth structure. Microfiber polish cloth designed for finish treatment (polishing) of any surface with nanoFormula coatings

Polish cloth made from 20% polyamide and 80% polyester. It is special for finishing treatment (polishing) of the surfaces with using our coatings. No piles and stains left. ultra-fine microfibers, whose quantities are hundreds of times higher than the quantity of other materials, permeate micro irregularities of the surface thus polishing thereof.