nanoFormula Collaboration

Partnership Is it possible to translate your web site into my country language?

We are planning to translate this web site into all languages of the countries where we sell our products.

We hope our importers could do the translation while we could compensate for the translation expenses by a discount on the next lot ordered.

We would like to take part in a fair…

Our company's policy encourages us to take part in fairs and exhibitions dedicated to such aspects as nanotechnologies, household and car care, professional cleaning, etc.

We hope to exhibit our products everywhere where it is possible.

If there is an exhibition in your country we invite you for cooperation.

Do you have other promotion and advertizing materials in addition to this web site?

Yes, we provide advertising materials such as booklets, promotion stands, patterns.

Please feel free to contact us to be updated on how to receive these materials.

Is it possible to buy your products in bulk packing?

Of course, we can offer our products in bulk packing (25 kg net canisters) to export to your country so that you can re-pack it on side.

It is necessary to specify conditions of such collaboration additionally.

Please contact us.