Using our products: Practical issues

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Using our products: Practical issues

What is the difference between our nano protective coatings and cleaning agents?

A nano protective coating is a very thin and optically transparent polymer film containing nano particles. The size of these particles is measured by several hundred diameters of hydrogen atoms, and they cannot be seen without an electronic microscope.

The layer protects the surface from negative impacts. The composition of nano particles provides for additional useful properties. There is no need in chemical agents to service the nano protected surfaces.

Despite the fact that our product sets are more expensive than the regular household chemical agents, the consumption is just 3 to 10 grams per square meter. Such a low consumption level and durability of the protective layer enables the purchaser to save money in the long run as well as reduce the negative environmental impact usually associated with chemical agents thus reducing pollution of the environment.

Car.Glass works differently upon different car windows. What does it owe to?

It is true that the windscreen coating is less durable than that of the side and rear windows. The protective effect for the side windows stays for several months, while it is from one week to one month for the windscreen and the rear window.

We often come across overstated expectations on behalf of our customers, and had similar expectations when we tested the coatings of other manufacturers.

Our coating is a protective film on the surface which can wear and be damaged when exposed to mechanical impacts (for example, windscreen wipers).

Despite the fact that the coating is water and weather resistant it can be affected by humidity if exposed for a long time, for instance, being submerged under water for ten and more hours. In this case, the coating swells up, its resistance capacity decreases and the protective effect declines. However, the resistance capacity recovers when the surface dries up. If it is necessary, the surface can be treated repeatedly. The consumption is about 3 grams per square meter.

Can dish and table ware be treated with protective coatings?

We do not recommend treating kitchen dishes, for instance, the inside of saucepans with our coatings.

What can be used to remove the coating from a car?

A coating can be removed by water and alcohol-based washing agents containing SAA (surface acting agents).

At what temperatures can the coatings be used?

Unlike many similar products, our coatings can be used at any outdoor temperatures. This property is useful in the mean season when winter is being changed by spring or autumn is being changed by winter, the time when cities are swamped by dirty cars. Car.Cleaner is especially efficient at such times. We recommend using the product with Cloth.Terry