Nanoformula Franchise

Nanoformula Franchise

A ready-made solution for a stable business in manufacturing and trade

NanoFormula Franchise is a simple, safe, nearly waste less business, which has a limitless potential. It is a stable and long-term business. We are now at the starting point of the Nanotechnology Era.

Franchisee, a Partner who has purchased franchise rights, receives support in design, equipment, technology, can use the "nanoFormula» trade mark, and is guaranteed to receive raw materials, packaging, etc. Also, a Franchisee has exclusive rights covering a specific territory.

A franchise package is included

Accordance of exclusive or non-exclusive territory right for nanoFormula factory technology of retail packing.
Accordance right to use «Nanoformula» trade mark
Speculative and hands-on learning of the filling and packing in nanoFormula factory during 3 days (meals and living are included for one worker).
Photo- and video- material, manuals, computational tables for producing technology and business organization in enterprise in electronic form.
Promotion materials(photos and videos, articles, print materials models) in electronic form.
Samples sets for promotion(1 carton, 20 x 200ml sets from Home and Car lines).
Placing partner's information in nanoFormula site.
Production facilities (for filling and labeling).
Minimum start volume of raw materials to begin producing with capacity 1500 sets (from Home and Car products line).
Special preferential terms for purchasing raw materials and accessories when duration of treaty.
Service, technical, information support when duration of contact.

Purchasing this package, you have possibility immediately begin producing at place.

Condition of purchasing franchise

The mandatory condition is usage logo «Nanoformula».
Monthly payment solid sum.
Adherence to specification.

The franchise cost is depended from franchise "nanoFormula" species, socio-economic territory activities, presents or absence other working partners in territory.

To check franchise necessary have decision

Do you wish to have accordance of exclusive territory right for area included not less 2 000 000 people?
Is it necessary include to franchise package filling equipment or you prefer to use own available equipment (necessary agreed technical features with nanoFormula factory)?
Is it necessary include to franchise package label equipment or you prefer to use own available equipment (necessary agreed technical features with nanoFormula factory)?
How much sets necessary include to franchise package. Standard minimum quantity for 1500sets products Home and Car lines.
Choose, printing label order in nanoFrmula factory or in other place using nanoFormula factory label printing models?
Choose, order in factory cartons packing or order in other source.

Download questionnaire

Spending not included in franchise package

To use franchise "naniFormula" necessary to have in additional:

registered juridical entity;
have own or rent 40m2 min. working area and workable stock area
prepare all permissive documents for activity;
pay for shipment raw-materials, packing and equipment to point destination;
have additionally recommend producing and stock tools(packing table, carts, scaffolding and etc.)
prepare visa document and have two ways ticket for one person for training at nanoFormula factory;
preliminary bang the drum to have first oder.


To use franchise "naniFormula" necessary to have in additional:

This is high profitableness business which usual for innovative and qualitative products in market. The payback period depends from quantity produced and sold products. You pay back nanoformula franchise spending as produce and sell maximum 13 000 sets.