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Keeping clean sanitary ware in bathroom and toilet

Home.Sanitaryware eco coating for easy sanitary ware care

Shiny sanitary ware, splendidly clean tiles, bacteria-free surfaces and like-new interior details can be achieved with nanoFormula Factory eco product

This optically transparent protective coating is ideal for sanitary ware and ceramic surfaces, also for glass and plastic shower stalls and shower cubicles. Nano particles are product’s components. They are bounded inside the polymer media and are not volatile. This is important, because impact of nano-sized particles are not yet been studied thoroughly. As a result the protective layer stays on the surface, and holds nano particles firmly inside it where they “do their job” as an effective defender of all kind of bathroom and toilet surfaces.

Untreated glass, tiles and other surfaces are porous what makes them difficult to clean, as they adsorb minerals, soap scum and other fouling. Protective effect of Home.Sanitaryware is based on covering the porous and uneven surfaces. After coating the surface becomes smooth, protective layer covers all uneven areas by filling them with polymer. Product is to be used for new and old sanitary ware and have the lowest consumption- just about 3 grams per square meter does the trick for clean bathroom and gives you the full effect with economical way.

Coated surfaces are easy to clean; surfaces become non-stick and develops water and dirt repellent properties. The look of details and surfaces renews and becomes more attractive visually as you bought your sanitary ware recently. This water-product gives a whole new make-up to your bathroom and toilet, keeps surfaces like-new and saves your time for cleaning. We think that you appreciate the time what you gain and do whatever you want to do. Cleaning afterwards takes just few seconds. All you need is a wipe over with a microfiber cloth.

The environmental impact of this product is very small compared to other chemically active cleaners. The main idea for this product is quite simple - very thin and effective waterproof coating layer is created on the surface which prevents build-up of lime, dirt, salts, soap scum and grime. As a result of that you don’t have to use harmful to environment and to yourself-cleaning chemicals and abrasives. The green cleaning are recommended to all who care about environment and personal health, as a bonus you do not have to spend precious time for cleaning and scrubbing your sanitary ware, your household bills will be reduced as you do not have to purchase so many cleaning chemicals.

Protective coating has also one big plus among regular bathroom products- it develops anti-bacterial properties as the protective layer on top of the surface makes impossible spreading of infections and bacteria as they do not have any surface to adhere. So your bathroom and toilet have safe surface without toxic antibacterial chemicals.

As a result you will have clean bathroom, toilet and shower stall for a long time. nanoFormula Factory offers you product which gives you easy to clean surface, suitable to all your bathroom surfaces: shower doors and shower stalls, mirrors, toilet bowls from ceramics and porcelain, wall tiles, metal sanitary ware details, water taps and shower heads, plastic details and all surfaces found in your beautiful bathrooms and convenient toilets . The way of green cleaning is a whole new world of eco home cleaning.

Surface pre-preparation

Surface pre-preparation

To achieve the full shine and protect Kitchen product for first time, clean the surface with a suitable detergent is recommended and follows the user manual.



  • Thick milky liquid, with pleasant odor.
  • No aggressive substances.
  • Neutral to skin.
  • Consumption: 3g/m2;
  • Lasting effect: 2 weeks.
Coated surfaces

Coated surfaces

  • Easy coating and polishing
  • Easy to clean grease, protein and other water insoluble impurities without chemicals and abrasive agents.
  • Develop anti-stick properties
  • Develop also hydrophobic properties.
  • Attractive surface configuration.
  • Exhibit antibacterial properties.
Packing Home.Sanitaryware

Packing of the nanotech easy to clean product Home.Sanitaryware

  • Product is packed in a convenient plastic bag, where you will find:
    • Trigger sprayer bottle, 200ml
    • Two 30cm x 30cm cloths set: terry and polish
    • Inlay with user manual
    • 24 sets (disassembled) in carton;
    • Carton's size: 44cm x 32cm х 30cm
    • Carton's gross weight: 9.24kg
    • Pallet: 40 cartons/960 sets
    • Pallet's size: 120cm x 100cm x 175cm
    • Pallet's gross/net weight: 370kg/395kg