Nano Aluminium oxide


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Mono crystal, grown  with additive nano aluminium oxide

White crumbling Aluminium Oxide powder of two types: α-type and γ-type. The crystalline lattice of NAluminiumOxide-01 is α-nm Al2O3

The particle size is ≤80nm, specific surface area is ≤10m2/g. NAluminiumOxide-02 crystals are γ-nm Al2O3. The particle size is ≤20nm max and specific surface area is ≤200 m2/g. Well dispersed. High purity.
The other product types are dependent on different surface treatment modes: from NAluminiumOxide-03 to NAluminiumOxide-06.


Nano disperse Aluminium Oxide can be used in growing synthetic jewel materials, analytical reagents, in production of nano catalysts.

It can greatly improve luminous intensity, when using in fabrication of luminescent materials.

Its application as a plasticizer and reinforcing agent in ceramics and artificial rubber production is several times more efficient compared to the conventional aluminum oxide.

Of special use is in fabricating uniform void-free materials, enhancing their additional strength properties.

Nano aluminum oxide can be used as the basis for producing crystals for YGA lasers.

Name Al2O3,%, min Average of the grain size (nm) Specific surface area(m2 /g) Comments
NAluminiumOxide -01(alpha type) 99 80 10 Hydrophilic
NAluminiumOxide -02 (gamma type) 99 20 160 Hydrophilic
NAluminiumOxide -03 (gamma type) - 60 - Lipophilic
NAluminiumOxide -04 (gamma type) - 10 - Lipophilic
NAluminiumOxide -05 > (gamma type) - 10 - Lipophilic
NAluminiumOxide -06 > (gamma type) - 10 - Hydrophilic

Range of application

transparent ceramics: high voltage sodium lamp.
Additives for cosmetic industry.
For growing artificial mono crystal jewels.
For fabricating high strength alumina ceramics, C base plates, packaging materials, cutting-tools, high purity crucibles, spools, bombardment targets, furnace tubes.
In coatings, rubber fabrications, for obtaining stronger wear and tear resistance of plastic materials, as a hydrophilic material.
Coating, rubber, wear resistant reinforce of plastic products, hydrophobic material.
Fine polishing material, glass, metal, semiconductor materials, plastics, magnetic tapes, in fabrication of grinding belts.
As a material for vacuum coatings, used in fluorescent materials, special glass and composite materials.
Activator, catalytic base plate, analytical reagent.

Recommended dosage

The quantity can range within 1-5%. The user should determine the quantity through testing. Please contact us if required.