Anti-Bacterial nano silver inorganic compositions


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Inorganic bactericidal composition

A series of Nano Disperse Inorganic Anti-Bacterial formulations with additives of silver ions and ions of other metals, by way of absorbing these substances by the basic compositions

The NBac products are widely used. also developing, heat resistant properties.
Choice of the product is dependent on the application area.


Compared to organic anti-bacterial products, the inorganic anti-bacterial nano materials are highly temperature resistant, capable of distributing uniformly in various materials, are highly reliable and exhibit a long lasting sterilizing property.

Can be added to water and organic solvents.

The powder exhibits a uniform particle size distribution and is well compatible with the basic materials.

The product is resistant up to 350 C temperatures when used in the plastic mass technologies and produces no side effects.

The product series renders items more wear resistant when exposed to washing, more age retardant, prevents bacteria transfer. The coatings are efficient in protecting against the known types of bacteria, fungi, fermentation substances, mold, algae, etc.

Name Type Content of Ag,% Function Comments
(White powder)
Contact sterilization materials   4.8 Anti-bacteria and deodorization Coating and ceramic
(White powder)
3.8 Anti-bacteria and deodorization Washing machine, and fridges
(White powder)
4.2 Anti-bacteria Coating and chemical fiber
(White powder)
6.3 Anti-bacteria Coating and chemical fiber
(White powder)
4.0 Anti-bacteria and deodorization Coating and ceramic
(White powder)
6.0 Anti-bacteria Coating and ceramic
(White powder)
7.8 Anti-bacteria Coating and ceramic
(White powder)
Mixed anti-bacteria and deodorization materials - Anti-bacteria General purpose
(White or light gray powder)
- Anti-bacteria Especially for shoes
(White powder)
- Anti-bacteria Especially for fridge
(White powder)
- Anti-bacteria, self-cleaning and releasing negative ions Sponge and coating
(White powder)
- Anti-bacteria, anti-moldy, flame retardant, UV-proof General purpose
(Gray powder)
- Anti-bacteria, self-cleaning and releasing negative ions Sponge and coating

Range of application

Textile fiber products: clothes, bed clothes, curtains, cosmetic packs, bags.
Water treatment facilities.
Ceramic materials, pottery sanitary ware, floor and wall facing materials.
Home appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, lamps and cameras.
Packing materials.
Decorating materials: coatings, wall papers, carpets and other kinds of indoor decorating materials.
Medical care.

Recommended dosage

The recommended concentration is 0.5-3%. The user is to determine the optimal dosage through testing. Contact us if required!