Far Infrared nano compositions


Not for sale - only for information

Bedclothes prepared from fibers with nano additives emitting infrared rays

A non-metallic composition with a particle size of less than 100nm. Can emit infra red waves with a wavelength 8-15mkm

Radiation in normal direction is more than 85%. NFarInfrared-01 is a white powder. NFarInfrared-02 is tinted powder.

The best radiance is provided by the NFarInfrared-02 product. The other types are different depending on the types of treating the particle surfaces.


The products are odorless, nontoxic and environment friendly, hygroscopic. The product can absorb and emit infrared radiation emitted by our body, which is positive for blood circulation; renders hyperoxemia lower, enhances metabolism and immunity.

Name Appearance Average of the grain size (nm) Formulation Radiance of infrared ray(%)
NFarInfrared-01 White powder 10 AL2O3+MgO+ZnO+ZrO+SiO2+X 85
NFarInfrared-02 light color powder 10 90
NFarInfrared-03 - NFarInfrared-09 Different surface treatment
Range of application

Fabrication of textile, clothes, bed clothes, health strengthening products etc.
Plastics, ceramics, paper making.
Medical equipment and instruments.

Recommended dosage

The recommended concentration is 2-4%. For master batches containing 40% of an active component, the recommended dosage is 6-8%. The user is to determine the specific quantity through testing. Contact us if required!