Nano UV Shielding powder composition


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Ultraviolet radiation shield

The formulations are active absorbent of ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 250 – 380 nm

Nano disperse powders are capable of protecting against a damaging UV impact, screen solar radiation, are used as an ageing retarder. The NUVShedulding-01 and NUVShedulding-01 materials have different mixtures (component ratios).
The formulations have various levels of protection against UV and were designed especially to be used in various industries: fabrication of rubber, plastic membranes, coatings, printing ink etc.


The formulations are efficient absorbents of UV rays with a wavelength of 250-380nm.

This factor protects against UVA and UVB radiation spectra.

This keeps a nice visual effect of the products and makes a service life 10-20 times longer.

The formulations are odorless, non-toxic and skin neutral.

Lipophilic and hydrophilic properties.

Exhibit good dispersion in solvents and plastics. The product may be added into a solvent or into a molten product directly. It can be used as a master batch with an active part content of 10-20%.

Name Ultraviolet shielding %, min Average of the grain size (nm) Specific surface area(m2 /g), min Comments
VShedulding-01 99 30 50 Heat resistant - 400 C, min
VShedulding-01 99 30 80 Heat resistant - 200 C, min
Range of application

Special fiber with the function of UV shielding fabrics and items based thereon.
Cosmetics such as sunscreen creams and talc powders.
Plastics, coatings and printing ink with the property of shielding UV.

Recommended dosage

The recommended concentration is 3-6%. The user is to determine the optimal quantity through testing. Contact us if required.