Nano-powders. Using. Properties

Short description about nano powders and their use possible

Nano Titanium Dioxide


High purity nano Titanium Dioxide - anatase and rutile. Average particle size is 100nm max.
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Super hydrofobic impregnation for concrete


Nano disperse silicon oxide has a very large specific surface area. Material has an unsaturated structure of alkyl type with different bonding types. The material properties with Pro.Silica additives are considerably different from additives of the conventional refined micron-silicon oxide. Due to this, these products are widely applied in many industries.
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Tubes from transparent rubber with nano additives


Nano Zinc Oxide is white or pale yellow powder with an average particle size: 20 nm for NZincOxide-01 and 40 nm for NZincOxide-02. Nano zinc oxide in this range exhibits special properties compared to the standard zinc oxide. Other types of the product is different depending on the surface treatment mode applied.
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Nano additives in PVC sheets


Nano Oxides, Carbonates and Magnesium Hydroxides - white powder, odor neutral, non toxic. Exhibits unique properties and can be used as a catalyst in ceramic, oil processing, in textile industry, for the synthesis of a brand new and high-performance fire retarding agent and as an ideal material for the development of industrial fabrics.
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Mono crystal, grown  with additive nano aluminium oxide


White loose powder of Aluminum Oxide of two types depending on the type of crystalline lattice (α-type and γ-type). The crystal of NAluminiumOxide-01 is α-nm Al2O3, its particle size ≤80nm, specific surface area ≤10m2/g. NAluminiumOxide-02 crystals are γ-nm Al2O3, their particle size is ≤20nm and specific surface area is ≤200 m2/g, with well dispersed and high purity. Other types of the product are dependent on different surface treatment modes: from NAluminiumOxide-03 to NAluminiumOxide-06.
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Mill balls with nano zirconium additive


Nano zirconium oxide is a white powder. Exhibits a monoclinic structure at low temperatures and tetragonal structure at high temperatures. Soluble in sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and exhibits good thermo chemical stability, high-temperature conductivity, higher heat strength and ductility. Exhibits excellent mechanical, thermo chemical, electrical and optical properties. NZirconiumOxide-01 is of monoclinic structure, while NZirconiumOxide-02 is of tetragonal structure.
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Solar panels' glass with additive nano antimony oxide and tin oxide


Nano Disperse Mixture of tin oxide and antimony oxide – a blue powder. The basic application: heat insulator, anti-corrosion agent.
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Nano composition in battery


Nano Disperse powder of lithium and iron phosphates improves considerably the battery cycle. Applied in fabrication of cathode materials for lithium ion accumulators. Formulation containing nano disperse silica and aluminum compounds. Stronger wear resistance.
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Bedclothes prepared from fibers with nano additives emitting infrared rays


Non-metallic materials compositions with the particle size of 100nm max. Radiation treatment in normal direction – more than 85 %.
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Wear-resistant additive with nano composition


Formulation containing Nano Disperse Silica and Aluminium compounds. Increases coating wear-resistance. Uniform particle size powder. White color. Powders have a uniform distribution of particle size. NWearResistant-01and NWearResistant-02 have: particle size - 450nm and weight by volume - 0,6 g/cm3. NWearResistant-03 has the particle size of less than 5mkm.
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Ultraviolet radiation shield


The formulations efficiently absorb UV rays with the wavelength of 250-380 nm of nano grain powders, which are capable of protecting against UV, solar radiation screening and being applied as sun screen, surface treated and resist aging.
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Inorganic bactericidal composition


Nano disperse inorganic anti-bacterial powders containing silver ions and ions of other metals by way of ion exchange absorption of these substances by basic nano compositions. The NBactericidal products are widely used and heat resistant.
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