Nano silicon oxide powders used in protective coatings

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Super hydrofobic impregnation for concrete


Nano silicon oxide has a small particle size, with a large specific surface area

Materials exhibit an unsaturated, alkyl structure with different bonding types. The properties of the materials having nano silicon oxide additives are considerably different from additives of the conventional micron-silicon oxide. This enables to apply silicon oxide in a wide variety of industries.
NSilica-01 and NSilica-02 have a specific surface area. Other products belong to the series are different depending on different modes of surface treatment from HTSi-03 to HTSi-08.


Nano Silicon oxide description

nontoxic, odor neutral, environment friendly white powder having a stable chemical structure.

Depending on its surface treatment, it becomes hydrophilic or hydrophobic.

These products can be applied in various forms: As powder, hydraulic fluid or transparent liquid.

Nano silicon oxide can also be applied as a screening agent to protect against UV and infrared radiation.

In addition to the materials indicated in the Table, we can offer materials with a particle size, specific surface area and treatment form meeting the customer’s requirements. We customize our offers!


Technical information

Technical information

Name SiO2,%, min Average of the grain size (nm) Specific surface area
(m2 /g)
NSilica-01 99 20 600 Large specific surface. Hydrophilic
NSilica-02 98 60 400 Large specific surface. Hydrophilic
NSilica-03 - 20 - Good hydrophilic (in water systems) and lipophilic (in oil system) properties
NSilica-04 - 20 - Good hydrophilic (in water systems) and lipophilic (in oil system) properties
NSilica-05 - 20 - Good hydrophilic (in water systems) and lipophilic (in oil system) properties
NSilica-06 - 20 - Lipophilic
NSilica-07 - 20 - Lipophilic
NSilica-08 - 20 - Lipophilic
Range of application

Range of application

Chemical industry, plastics, coating, rubber, pigment, sealant, fibreglass reinforced plastics, high-grade organic glass.
Electronics, electronic packaging material, ferrite material, battery
Ceramics, nanoceramics, composite ceramic substrate
Medicine and pesticide carrier, artificial teeth
Cosmetic trade, UV resistant material
Antibacterial materials
Optical and lighting fixture
Building and water-proof material

Recommended dosage

Recommended dosage

The quantity to be added differs and mainly depends from system, ranging from 0.5% to 5% and is determined by the user through test. The user may also contact with us for the actual quantity to be add.