Nano Zinc Oxide

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Tubes from transparent rubber with nano additives


Nano Zinc Oxide is white or pale yellow powder with the average particle size: 20 nm for NZincOxide-01 and 40 nm for NZincOxide-02

Nano zinc oxide in this range exhibits special properties compared to conventional zinc oxide. The Other types of the product are different depending on different surface treatment modes used.


Nano Zinc Oxide description

These products can be applied with both organic and inorganic materials. Exhibit the following specific functions: screening and UV rays absorption, sterilizing.

Used as a heat or freezing insulator.

Nano zinc oxide can improve the operating characteristics, render rubber wear and tear resistance stronger and improve the basic mechanical properties.

Due to its unique antibacterial function, the wear-resistant zinc oxide is widely used in advanced antibacterial and self-cleaning ceramics, floor tiles, coating, and plastics and as other applications.

Can also be used in fabricating piezoresistors, luminophor, and image recording materials due to its excellent electrical and optical properties.


Technical information

Technical information

Name ZnO,%, min Average of the grain size (nm) Specific surface area, (m2/g) Comments
NZincOxide-01 99 20 90 High purity and high photo catalytic activity
NZincOxide-02 8 40 60 High purity and high photo catalytic activity
NZincOxide-03 - 2 - Good hydrophilic and lipophilic properties
NZincOxide-04 - 20 - well lipophilic properties
NZincOxide-05 - 20 - well lipophilic properties
Range of application

Range of application

Vulcanizing active agent applied in rubber industry, catalytic additive in petrochemical industry, most significant material in automobile tire, aircraft tire and industrial cable manufacture as well as in zinc oxide ceramics.
Used in coating, paint and varnish items, transparent rubber, emulsion and plastics to increase burst strength, compactness, adhesion.
Antimicrobial and bacteriostatic agent, deodorant, medical and sanitary bactericidal material, glass and ceramic bactericidal and self-cleaning materials, in fabricating bactericidal special purpose clothes used by medical personnel.
Electronic industry, instrumental industry, manufacture, electrical device, radio, wireless fluorescence lamp, image recorder, rheostat, phosphor
Sun screening agent used in cosmetics, antibacterial and health protection antiager.

Recommended dosage

Recommended dosage

Generally the proposed quantity is 1-5%. The user should determine the quantity to be added according to different systems and through testing.