Green products for keeping and clean house interior

Aggressive environments effect to us and people aim to achieve the cleanness in living space at least at home, but using traditional household products make environment even more danger.

Nano green products for furniture, household and office equipment care by factory Nanoformula allow keeping clean house without using the household chemicals and detergents, create a friendly environment and make easier cleaning the home interior. The desired cleanness and comfort is achieved during cleaning house by reducing the time for daily cleaning, interior surfaces have longer an attractive appearance.

Factory offers green products ensuring cleanness in home after applying. Treated clean house obtains self-cleaned, water proofed surfaces prevented to solar radiation detrimental action and to contagion. Nanoformula green products for home interior are designed for surfaces from: plastic, painted wood, laminated boards, glass, metal and ceramics. Protected surfaces in clean house prevent to dust accumulation, reduce surface damaging under UV radiation, reduce a discoloration, stains and fading.

Cleaning house after applying Nanoformula green products is serious easier and consists in wiping surface with wet or dry microfiber cloths without chemicals. Scratches in surfaces are easy polishing. Green products in clean house return to surfaces nice deep color and presentable appearance.

Cleanness in clean house persists for a long no need much labor efforts after applied nano green products.

Green products based on nanotechnology are prepared from mixture from liquid polymers with included nano composition. They form in surface the optically transparent coating refreshing interior details of the clean house. Green products for home interior fill the defects in surfaces and visually eliminate them after polishing that enhances the effect “clean house”.

These green products don’t contain volatile organic components (VOC) which present in large quantity in conventional cleaning chemicals often are causes allergies, skin irritation, etc.

It should be also noted that the maintenance of clean house with the nano green products implement without formation of soluble hazardous waste, which invariably can get into drains and pollute the environment. Green products ensure clean house without soluble hazardous waste. After applied nano green products in cleaning the house’s interior extremely small amount of inert mass is formed a, which does not pollute the environment. For keeping clean house necessary Nanoformula green products in 100 times less compare with usual household chemicals.

Liquid polymers strong bind nano particles and after coat unbound nano materials on the surface are not detecting. This is a significant advantage of the Nanoformula green products compare with other nano products. Such products form coating with evaporated volatile phase and unbound nano particles remain in surface however their influence on the human body is not clear understood.

Treated with green products based on nanotechnology surfaces obtain super hydrophobic properties, prevent the formation of dead water zones which is nutrient medium for the spread of infection. Thus clean house keeping products prevent a contagion, improve general hygiene of living space and create an excellent cleanliness effect. In most cases Nanoformula green products form in computer’s keyboard and computer’s mouse, various household appliances, switches (and so on) a protective coating prevented to fingerprints and guarantees the cleanness in gadgets for a long time.

Those present in green products nano materials "extinguish" the energy of ultraviolet radiation by easily absorbing the sun's rays and form charged radicals which play an important role in self-cleaning surfaces, because they decompose organic contamination on the surfaces in surfaces of cleaned house interior. It provides a long last self-cleaning effect which cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning. The blocking ultraviolet radiation protective layer prevents to devastating effect on plastic, lacquered and polished furniture.

Thus the nano green products for home interior create long last self-cleaned protective polishes for surfaces and prevent to contagion in clean house. These green products may be easily called as products for easy cleaning.

Factory produces green products for clean and protection interior both solid and soft surfaces (for example leather and textile).

The clean interior house green products lines presented by three products. Two from these: Home.Interior and CleveCLEAN for home interior have the same composition and differ only by packaging, which choose according to the preferences. The third product is professional green product CleverCLEAN PRO public places has a higher concentration of nano-particles, which ensure a longer protective effect. Professional green product is designed for using in hotels, commercial and industrial enterprises, entertainment centers and other public buildings. 450g pack professional product for keeping clean house is enough for protection large area.

For protection upholstered furniture, carpets, leather goods absorbed water (such as nubuck, suede and so on) the factory offers CleverCOAT for textiles. In spite of this product is placed in the section for the protection of the car interior upholstery, it can be successfully use to keep clean house.

The factory offers natural protective and restorative CleverCOAT cream for leather placed in this site in auto leather interior section. However this cream is also very useful green product for the renovation of leather furniture from smooth leather and keeping clean interior house. It restores leather for a long time and makes surfaces elasticity, backs a good appearance and durability.

Nano protective green products for clean house provide the professional level of cleanliness, safety, an excellent appearance and cost-effective.

Clean house and economy - it is reality

Due to the extremely low consumption 3 g/m2 and a long lasting self-cleaning effect (from 2 weeks) nano green products for keeping clean house are economical and can reduce cleaning costs in several time compared with usual household chemicals. Do not exceed the indicated consumption in hopes of getting a super-effect because excess need more time to remove it from surface, spots can be remained and polishing will be difficult.

When protective effect becomes weaker necessary only repeat the treatment. Easy to clean green products justify its name: it is required much less effort, time and money on cleaning to maintain a clean interior of the house and appliances in good condition.

Product Enough for protection area, m2
100g bottle in box CleverCEAN for home interior 33
200ml Home.Interior set 66
450g bottle CleverCLEAN for public places 149

Even 100g package with Nanoformula green product is sufficient for keeping clean house at least 2 years. Expiry date is 3 years. It ensures efficient application of the green product to keep clean interior house during this period.

Home.Interior consists of a 200 ml bottle with a trigger spray and practical microfiber clothes for application and polishing.

Green nano products for home interior CleverCLEAN for home interior and CleverCLEAN PRO for public places are packed into “flip-top cap” or “cap with plug” bottles. They are easy to use, allow for a more cost-effective and accurate product spending. For their use necessary additionally order Nanoformula microfiber cloths set with polish and terry cloths or use own microfiber cloths with similar structure.

Microfiber cloths are important and necessary accessories for using easy to clean green products to keep house interior in good condition. They good absorb the liquids, easy remove excess and surplus polish without stains, leaving a perfectly surfaces in clean house.

Nanoformula green products for keeping clean house warrant cleanliness and hygiene in home interior and create an atmosphere of kindness, peace and comfort!