Nano products Nanoformula for easy cleaning windows glass

Cleaning windows is important part of general cleanup in any apartment, offices or houses. Using nano protective coatings by Nanoformula factory makes glass cleaning easier for: windows, showcases, solar panels and other glass facing materials.

Nanoformula products for cleaning windows made from liquid polymer mixture with included nano-dispersed materials composition. They form in surface super hydrophobic protective coating is prevented glass pollution and appreciably make cleaning windows easier. Periodicity of glass cleaning is necessary longer.

Nanoformula protective coatings make easier windows cleaning

Nano products for easy cleaning glass form in surface super hydrophobic transparent (almost invisible) protective dirt repellent coating. Rain drops are carrying dirtying and easy roll up from glass which clean surface and named “lotus effect”. Moreover nano-dispersed composition, included nano titanium dioxide, is activated under sun light with generation the charged radicals which decompose (oxidize) the organic contamination (from transport exhaust gases, enterprise air pollution and other abuse of environment) in a glass surface and clean the windows. Additionally transparent liquid polymer fills micro crack in the surface, remedies glass defects and improves its optical properties.

Easy windows cleaning products designed for outdoor glass protection. Treating a glass indoor or between window frames can be cause of sweating a surface.

Professional and DIY products for easy windows cleaning

Nanoformula factory offers three products for easy cleaning glass. Home.Window and CleverCLEAN for window have same composition and differ only by packing which choose depend from customer’s preference. Professional product CleverCLEAN PRO window has higher concentration of the nano-dispersed materials. It makes better windows self-cleaning effect and certainly appreciates by professionals in cleaning sector.

Professional product for cleaning glass was designed not only for windows but applicable for protection surfaces like glass facing panels, glass construction, solar panels, green houses, shop windows and similar.

Advantage nanoformula products for windows cleaning – easy and inexpensive windows glass care

Products for easy cleaning glass provide irreproachable clear, shine in sunlight without special efforts with minimal explicit and labor costs. They provide long time living without worries about windows cleaning because glass surfaces our self are self-cleaned and keep the windows in perfect condition long time.

As lasting a self-cleaned effect is about 6 month – it is enough to re-coat glass surface only 2 times in year.

Recommended consumption for products for easy cleaning is 3g/m2 – it is unusual! During applying no necessary spray the liquid on surface. It is enough to coat a product on surface with little area wet cloth (like in photo). Increasing windows cleaning product’s consumption only add more waste, makes difficult removing product’s excess and surface polishing. However all it is without any improving of the protective and self-cleaning effects. Therefore when apply cleaning glass Nanoformula products necessary follows to principle “less is better”.

Even 100g minimal packing with product is enough for qualitative cleaning windows glass in home condition during 2 years minimal.

Product Enough for protection area, m2
100g bottle in box CleverCLEAN for window 33
200ml Home.Window set 66
300ml Home.Window set 99
450g bottle CleverCLEAN PRO for window 149

Easy windows cleaning products storage time is 3 years minimal - allows use them long time and do glass cleaning without often wearisome work compare with usual glass cleaning liquids.

Home.Window set includes microfiber clothsfor coating and polishing surface.

CleverCLEAN for window and CleverCLEAN PRO window pack in bottles with flip top cap or cap with plug – convenient for use because allow tidy and economically coat in glass surface. With these products we recommend order terry and polish microfiber cloths, Microfiber.Cloths set or use other similar microfiber cloths.

Microfiber cloths are important accessories for windows cleaning products. They are many times tested with good results. They easy absorb liquids, clear polishing and good for using.

Products for easy windows cleaning are eco-friendly and have not analogs. Using Nanoformula glass cleaning products allows reduces usual windows cleaning chemicals consumption in about 100 times and cost for cleaning in 8-9 times. They provide cleaning windows without soluble dangerous wastes polluted environment. It is very important in keeping healthy environment at home and very appreciates in professional using.