CleverCLEAN PRO for public places

Packing of the nanotech easy to clean protective product CleverCLEAN PRO for public places


Sustainable professional protective cleaning product for cleaning companies and janitorial business

Easy to use green clean product for public places interiors and public areas such as offices, supermarkets, hotels, transportation stations, restaurants, cafes, diners, theaters, cinemas, service centers, malls, schools, guest houses, municipal facilities and other open public facilities.

This professional product is an ideal way to keep clean all interior parts of public place. Product is eco-friendly, easy to clean and freshens the look of surfaces. Application of protective layer takes only a few minutes. Cleaning process is very simple and requires no special cleaning equipment. Coated surfaces are only cleaned by microfiber cloth as dirt particles and other fouling cannot adhere to surface. No scrubbing with expensive and toxic cleaning chemicals anymore. What could be easier!

This pro cleaner is universal in use and adds protective transparent layer. Coated surfaces greatly improves UV protection what makes interiors look more fresh and beautiful. As a result of protective layer the spreading of infections and bacteria decreases, as they do not have anywhere to adhere.

eco-friendly protective polish and cleaning product CleverCLEAN PRO for public places is the most optimal cleaner for cleaning companies, cleaning agencies and all janitors of public facilities. Product consumption is only 3 grams per square meter and it will give you outstanding cleanness to delight your clients, customers and visitors.

Boost your quality and make your cleanings more environmentally friendly and effective with pro cleaner by nanoFormula Factory! CleverCLEAN PRO for public places – offer your clients the best protective cleaning service.

Be smart- eco-smart.