CleverCOAT PRO for car (auto)interior

Packing of the nanotech polish and protective product CleverCOAT PRO for vehicles interior


All weather, environmentally friendly car detailing and nano protect product for plastic, metal and rubber parts of the interiors of transport vehicles

Effective and eco-smart product for car interiors, salons and dashboards cleans, protects, polishes and renews looks of plastic, metal and rubber elements.

Easily coated and polished, a strong protective layer is created which prevents microbial fouling and hazardous UV exposure. Dead surfaces are rendered brand new shining interior parts.

This product have especially been developed and customized for the Nordic countries and can be applied effectively at any temperature. Easily coated and polished, Creates a long lasting protective layer which prevents bio fouling and is resistant to a UV induced damaging effect.

Treated surfaces obtain hydrophobic properties, small scratches are polished and hidden. Automobile interior polish product forms thin and optically transparent protective layer which protects your car inner parts from dirt, grime and ageing.

Cleaning after coating process is easy and it is performed quickly by only wet wipe with water or with nanoFormula car cleaner - without any environmental pollution. Offer your clients the best auto detailing product available!

Be smart – eco-smart.