Hydrophobic spray for textile and leather

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Textile and leather hydrophobic protector

Water-based CleverCOAT for textile and leather is designed for super hydrophobic protection of fabrics, leather (nubuck, velour, suede) and other materials that absorb water in their normal state.

Suitable for shoes, clothes, bags, carpets, upholstered furniture, car seats, etc. It forms a breathable protective water and dirt-repellent layer inside the material. Does not change the colour and texture of the surface.

Application: evenly spray on a clean surface with a product and wait until it is completely dry. Consumption 30-100g / m2.

Expiration date - 18 months from the date of manufacture (on the package).

How CleverCOAT for textile works?

Treated fabric

Treated fabric

CleverCOAT Water hydrophobic spray for textile and leather is a fluorine-modified silica sol gel. Developed as an alternative to silicon and fluorine compounds previously used in the textile industry to prepare hydrophobic fabric, containing perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) — hazardous to humans and the environment.

CleverCOAT for textiles is water based, contains no hazardous ingredients. The product has passed certification:

  1. Environmental friendliness according to Ecotex 100 Class I-IV (direct contact with children's clothing). PFOA, PFOS content not found.
  2. Safety when contact with food (CBA certificate)
  3. For stability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation (Polymer Service certificate).
Treated leather

Treated leather

The product “works” on fabric and leather that normally absorb moisture. If fabric or leather does not absorb water or has been previously treated with other water-repellent compounds, CleverCOAT impregnation does not form a protective layer and will not “work” in this case.

The higher the density of the material the less quantity product is needed to form a water-repellent coating. For example, protection of felt requires in three times less impregnation than protection of silk.

The product penetrates into the material and forms a water-repellent inorganic polymer coating on the fibres or in the leather pores. As the particles size is in a nano-dispersed range the protective layer is not visible and there is also no change in the appearance or texture of the material.

Only clean surfaces are suitable for application


Protected car seat - 1

There are water-soluble salts, dirt, sweat, detergent residues absorbed into textiles or leather are fabric contaminants. They are dissolving in water and destroy the sol-gel. Silica coagulates to form flocs and doesn't form a protective layer. For example, a customer decided to protect upholstered furniture in a hotel, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not do it. Only after pre-cleaned the upholstery with steam he has protected the armchairs and sofas.

Thus water repellent works great on clean fabrics, and dirty surfaces are a serious factor destroying the formation of a protective layer.

The main properties of hydrophobic water spray

  1. Eco-friendly and non-dangerous
  2. Suitable for all types of fabrics and leather that absorb water well under normal conditions
  3. The treated material is breathable
  4. The product does not change the appearance, colour and texture of the material
  5. Easy to apply by spraying or wetting (the surface must be completely and evenly wetted)
  6. In most cases protects not only from water, but also from dirt and grease
  7. Consumption: 30 - 100 g / m2, depending on the density of the surface. For a denser surface, the consumption is less
  8. Protective last is up to 1 year
  9. Product shelf life: 18 months from the production date (indicated on the package).

Some areas of application

- protection of seats and upholstery of the car interior. During rain, water often moisten the passenger compartment when doors are opened or drips off wet clothing leaving wet and dirty streaks on fabric surfaces. Sometimes children spill drinks on the armchairs of the seats. Water-repellent spray prevents these contaminants.

Protected car seat - 2

Protected car seat - 2

- protection of shoes from fabric, velour, nubuck, suede.

- protection of upholstered furniture, carpets, home textiles.

- processing of sun umbrellas, awnings, etc.

- protection of marching, hunting, fishing garments.

- threatment of handling bags, backpacks.

- protection of overalls in many industries, construction, military, police, etc.

- protection of the clothing for athletes such as skiers or snowboarders.

- it also recommended for retail sale in shops, for use in hotels, restaurants, etc.