Water repelling of car interior upholstery, other fabrics and leather with nanotech hydrophobic water based spay

Packing of the super hydrophobic spray CleverCOAT for textile


Description of the nano hydrophobic water spray CleverCOAT for water repelling textile and leather

Textile upholstery of the car seat in the cabin creates convenience and comfort. But textile’s fibers easily absorb moisture and dirt and this is difficult to evade because a car interior is constantly exposed moisture after rain, snow, drinks and other types of pollution. Dry cleaning upholstery or washing the seat’s covers is required money, time and not always available. A revolutionary solution in this case is Nanoformula hydrophobic water spray for water repelling a fabric.

Hydrophobic water based spray CleverCOAT for textile is designed for safe water repelling car interior upholstery against moisture and dirt. This product is similar as usual water, does not contain hazardous components, without smell, no toxic.

Water repelling of the fabric forms when hydrophobic water penetrates into fabric and wets the textile fibers. After evaporation of the water hydrophobic coating is formed in fibers and fabric obtains water repelling property. CleverCOAT for textile’s active ingredient is nano - dispersed aqueous sol-gel silicon compounds constituting the finest water-repelling polymer inorganic coating after the evaporation of water. As the protective layer is formed from the ultra - thin thickness in the nano range, after drying, structure of the water-repelling fabric (by touch) and appearance (visually) are not changed.

Thus, the hydrophobic water spray protects only absorbing water fabrics. The same rule belongs to the leather. Water-repelling CleverCOAT for textile good "works" on the leather absorbing the water: suede, nubuck, velor, but useless for leather with an already coated with water-repellent protective layer (for example: fat, wax and so on).

As the protective layer is formed inside the fabric (leather) which doesn’t wear the water repelling lasting effect after protection with CleverCOAT for textile is about 1 year.

An important property determined application of the hydrophobic water spray CleverCOAT for textile is the "sensitivity" of the protective water repelling coating to salts. They destroy it and disable protective effect. Also when hydrophobic water-repellent apply to dirt fabric contained salts they also do not allow to form water repelling coating in fibers of the textile. Thereupon it is necessary to pay attention to the fabric condition. When it is dirt – pre-steam cleaning is recommended before applied hydrophobic water spray CleverCOAT for textile.

The source of the salts destroyed water repelling protective coating in textile is also a laundry with detergents. It limits the scope application for hydrophobic water spray by cases when no necessary often wash with washing agents: car upholstery, carpets, soft furniture, shoes, hats, work clothes and other.

Hydrophobic water spray consumption is 30-100g/m2 and depends from density of the treated fabric or leather. It necessary to follow inversely proportional in spraying: for surface with higher density necessary less quantity of the water repelling product and contra when less density of the surface necessary more quantity of the hydrophobic water spray. For example, for water repelling carpet necessary several times less hydrophobic water product per square meter compared with the knitted fabric.