Nano protection for mineral building materials Voka

Packing of the super hydrophobic protective coating Voka for building facades


Professional solution of a problem of protection from water for porous surfaces

Mineral building pour materials always have lot of pours, capillaries, emptiness, cavities, micro cracks. Water impregnates them and it damages materials. Time of using building facades is reduced, facades appearance is impaired. Unfavorable environment inside of the house is developed. So wet protection of the façade is an essential requirement for building lifetime.

Nanoformula LTD offers professional products VOKA for protection of any mineral pour surface such as stone or brick masonry, concrete, lime plaster, calcium-silicate or clay bricks, natural stone, production from fiber concrete, facades titles, roof titles and other materials.

Protected surface develops strong hydrophobic effect. Impregnated layer doesn’t allow water accumulated inside material. Treated material has all season stable rates for humidity and porosity, which weak depend from an amount of precipitations.

Protected materials have low capillary suction and salts adsorption. These rates are near null. A freeze-thaw resistance is multiplied in 40-50% compare unprotected materials. It serious extends useful life of materials and therefore makes longer using of buildings.

Protective coating VOKA not only prevents an unwanted sequel effect of water for building material and also keeps a best heat insulating property typical for this material. For example a heat conductivity for protected concrete and lime-sand bricks is in level 0.2 – 0.3 W/m*C. It is greatly higher of standard parameters for these untreated materials.

Treated surfaces are protected by optical transparent coating which doesn’t change material’s appearance. Only after rain untreated surfaces become darker when absorbs water but in same time treated surfaces have typical appearance for dry weather.

Protective coating VOKA designed on polymer base. It has not volatile and other dangerous organic components. Product doesn’t Unfavorable effect for human and environment.

Range of use

The range of use: facades, building base, blind area, basements, balconies, stairs, benches, decoration articles, monuments and so on.