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Nanotech products for cleaning window

The products are designed for window cleaning. They are not detergents. Products a liquid polymer contained nano-dispersed oxide components.

The polymer forms a nano protective coating that fills micro scratches and micro cracks. It improves the optical properties of glass and adds a gloss to surfaces. Treated glasses are self-cleaned from organic contaminants under the influence of sunlight. The surface acquires water and dirt repellent properties. Additionally: raindrops, rolling down, carry away dirt particles (“lotus effect”), and cleaning the surface.

Low consumption of 3 g / m2 and a long-lasting self-cleaning effect of the glass up to 6 months. It is applicable all-season.

Recommended for windows, shop windows, glass or transparent plastic greenhouses. They can be used for protection window frames, drains and other details of window openings.

Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture (on the bottle). It is recommended to use Nanoformula terry and smooth microfibre cloths with these products.

Window cleaning used professional and home products Nanoformula

Final window treatment

Final window treatment

Window cleaning is one of the most time-consuming and expensive operations of general cleaning in placement, office, institution. The factory offers alternative window cleaning products that exclude window cleaning with excellent last: clean glass for 6 months or more without the use of chemicals and maintenance operations.

Nanoformula window cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Their use can reduce the consumption of chemicals in 100 times and reduce the cost of cleaning by 4-5 times compare with the cheapest home chemicals. Window maintenance is not followed with the generation of harmful soluble waste that pollutes the environment. It is important for keeping a healthy home environment and is of course very valuable for professional use.

Protected window glass

Protected window glass

How Easy-to-clean products for window work?

The products are a composition of a mixture of liquid polymers with incorporated nano-dispersed metal oxides. They form an optically transparent hydrophobic protective layer on the surface that prevents glass contamination. The need to clean windows arises much less often or becomes needless.

Dirt and dust are less to appear on the protected surface than on untreated glass. Raindrops, when impinge on the glass, roll off the surface, easily carrying away dirt, making the glass surface the clean. This is called the “lotus effect”.

Window treating

Window treating

Products for window formulation is contained nano-dispersed titanium dioxide, which is activated by exposure to sunlight. As a result, charged radicals are formed. They decompose organic pollutants sorced by vehicle exhaust, industrial air emissions and other derivations and as a result the window glass surface is cleaned. Such self-cleaning is especially effective in industrial zones, megalopolises, and facilities exposed to such pollution.

And finally, the liquid polymer contained in the formulation of window cleaning products fills glass microcracks, visually removes defects and improves its optical properties.

Products for the window are intended for external treatment the glass surfaces most prone to dirtying. Treatment surfaces of internal or between window frames with insufficient ventilation and high air humidity will lead to fogging of hydrophobic glass.

Window products range

Product Protected surface, m2
100g bottle in box CleverCLEAN for window 33
200ml Home.Window set 66
450g CleverCLEAN PRO for window 149

There are Nanoformula microfibre cloths for applying protective coatings included in 200ml and 300ml kits. For CleverCLEAN 100g and CleverCLEAN PRO 450g necessary additionally purchase cloths or use a similar one. Nanoformula cloths are an important accessory for the application of window protective compositions. They are easy in using, absorb excess product and moisture well, polish without streaks.

A microfibre terry cloth is used to apply: evenly distribute the product on the glass and removing excess the product from the surface. The protective coatings on the glass is polished with a plain cloth. Polishing window glass is performed only with a cloth, without special tools: only with a smooth microfibre cloth. When the thinner the layer, the better the protective coating is forming. In other words, the lower the product consumption go to the better the result. More details are indicated in the user manual.

Protected window glass

Protected window glass

As the specific consumption of products is very low — 3 grams per square meter, there is no alternative way to apply the product on glass other than use microfibre cloths. For applying the product necessary moisten a small area of a terry cloth with the composition and evenly distribute the product on the glass surface with it. There are almost no volatile components in window products. Therefore, the applied product amount remains on glass practically the same after drying. Overcoating causes a difficult polishing due to the removal of excess product during this operation. Applying the product directly to the surface (without a microfibre cloth) always leads to overdose and unwanted results.

All products are all-season and can be used at temperatures from -40 to +70 C. Storage does not require special conditions. The shelf life of the products is 3 years, which allows use them for a long time during which there is no need in tedious repeated washing of glasses with ordinary household chemicals.