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Technical Data Sheet

Home.SanitaryWare set (TDS)

Date of generation: 06.01.2021

Intended uses of the Home.SanitaryWare set

Bathroom protection

Bathroom protection

Nanoformula product for toilet and bathroom cleaning are based on nanotechnology. They are designed for wall faced titles, ceramics, chromium-plated surfaces, steel, nonferrous metals, plastic and glass. The products can be applied in glass of the shower stalls.

Product description

Product made from organic mixture liquid polymers which stays intact for a long time if not being exposed to air. Mixture of polymers has excellent fluidity and can distribute itself to a surface by a very thin layer. 1g of the products easy covers 1m2 of the surface.

Product have excellent adhesive properties (product stick to the surface very well). Coating is formed on top of the surfaces is optically transparent and in many cases improves the looks and fixes defects by filling small cracks and scratches.

There is metal oxides nano particles composition inserted into polymer composition. Nano components inside the products create continuous, invisible to eye layer of small particles.

Included to polymers nano particles have the biggest covering area you can imagine and even on a small concentration of nano particles is enough to cover all applicable area completely.

It obtains to coating a super hydrophobic effect so that water drop easy rolls down from surface with possible contamination. It leads to self-cleaning glass when water drops with dirt easy rolling out from glass. It calls as “Lotus effect”.

Home.Sanitaryware is not detergent and is not included abrasives, aggressive chemicals and don’t damage the surfaces. Treated surface obtains long lasting hydrophobic and self-cleaned properties. In protected sanitary ware are reduced forming scale and moisture doesn’t collect in surface long time. It minimizes risk of the contagion, makes better common hygiene after bathroom and toilet cleaning. Easy to clean products for bathroom and toilet prevent to saline spots and efflorescence. Protected surfaces after bathroom or toilet treated obtain perfect condition without daily laborious cleaning.

Keeping time: 3 years from date of manufacture (in packing).

Technical information

Parameter Specification
Appearance Milk color oily liquid
Boiling point, °C min. 197
Density at 20 °C 1,010-1,048
Melting point, °C max. -55
Viscosity dynamic at 20 °C 15-25
Flash point, °C, min. 119
Solubility Alcohol, Ether, Acetone

Removing coating from surface is possible with alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl), also by steam and next mechanically with microfiber cloth.

Surface preparation

Surface must be dry and clean before applying first time. For re-coating necessary only dry surface.


For application recommended microfiber cloths: terry structure for distribution/removing exceed of the product and plane (polish) structure for polishing coated surface. Both cloths must be prepared from 20% polyamide and 80% polyester and density not less 250g/m2

Coat is possible under any outdoor temperature.

Recommended use product quantity as less as possible. Consumption is only 3g/m2 with possible losses. Useful coating in surface is only 1g/m2.

  • Bottle shake 1.Shake the bottle before use. Little wet terry cloth with product Cloth.Terry without excess. Close cap after use.
  • Evenly distribute the product on dry surface by Cloth.Terry. 2.Evenly distribute the product on dry surface by Cloth.Terry.
  • Wait 3-5 minutes 3.Wait 3-5 min.
  • Remove exceed the product by same terrycloth. 4.Remove exceed the product by same terrycloth.
  • Polish by plain cloth Cloth.Polish the surface. 5.Polish by plain cloth Cloth.Polish the surface.
  • After protection 6.Don’t expose the surface by rain or by action with wet cloth about 1,5-2 hours. Protective surface is obtained the best protection in 12 hours after coating.
Product hazards and safety information

See Safety Data Sheet for complete Health and Safety information. Do not use in confined areas without the proper safety precautions/equipment.

Additional data

Product is prepared according to existing legislation European Union. Product has not volatile matter and holds the nano components tight inside its structure. Nano particles cannot be separated one from polymer mixture. It guarantees that nano-sized particles do not get “loose” and incur to human organism and harm our health and surrounding environment. Product waster

Lasting effect: 2 weeks depend from external environment.

200ml Home.Sanitaryware set. Bar code: 4742692000031

200ml Home.Sanitaryware set. Bar code: 4742692000031

Packing of the Home.SanitaryWare set

Product is packed in a convenient plastic bag, where you will find:
200ml trigger sprayer bottle;
Microfiber cloths 30cm x 30cm: terry and polish;
Inlay with user manual.

20 sets carton:
Carton’s size: 38cm х 59cm х 22cm;
Carton’s gross weight: 7.40kg;

Pallet: 40 cartons/800 bottles
Pallet’s size: 120cm x 100cm x 192cm
Pallet’s gross/net weight: 300kg/321kg

Shipping and export information

Non-hazardous for any transportation.
Export HS code: 3405909000