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Car interior care products

Car care products for polishing, protection and cleaning interior are efficient and eco-friendly products for the car.

Protects, polishes and restores their original appearance to plastic, metal, glass and rubber interior parts.

Suitable for vehicles of all ages.

Convenient in work, easy to apply and polish without the use of special tools.

The duration of the protective effect is 2 months or more. Necessary repeat the treatment if the protective properties are reduced.

Working life: 3 years from the date of manufacture (on the bottle). It is recommended to use Nanoformula terry and smooth microfiber cloths with this product.

Car polish and care products

Car interior area before protection

Car interior area before protection

It is important for the car owner that the car, not only outside, but also inside, remains well-groomed, clean, comfortable and safe for the driver and passengers. Part of car maintenance is proper interior care, which is not only cleaning carpets and dusting. High-quality car interior care is certainly associated with using of specially designed protective products that restore the appearance of surfaces and create a protective layer against adverse factors. The salon will delight the driver for a long time with the novelty and cleanliness of the interior, if you use Nanoformula polishes.

How Nanoformula salon products work

The same area after protection

The same area after protection

Protective and reducing products are intended for the care of automotive interior parts from plastic, metal, vinyl and other hard materials. For fabric upholstery of the care of interior CleverCOAT water repellent for textiles has been developed, and for leather car seats has been developed recovering and protective CleverCOAT cream for leather.

Car interior care products are a mixture of liquid polymers with nano-dispersed particles of metal oxides included. Car interior products have several functions. They remove dirt, restore colour, give surfaces a deep gloss and antistatic properties, create a durable hydrophobic and dust-repellent layer.

Hydrophobic properties of the car interior area after polishing

Hydrophobic properties of the car interior area after polishing

Both the inserted nano particles and the polymer mixture work in Nanoformula's automotive interior products. The liquid fills microcracks on surfaces and visually removes defects after treatment. The nanoparticles included in the protective product create an antistatic effect, preventing the accumulation of dust on surfaces. After polishing, the thinnest protective water-repellent coating prevent to forming dead zones and this prevents to contagion improving overall hygiene in the cabin. Thus, while not being bactericidal products, Nanoformula interior care and protective products not only clean, but also a safe environment in the cabin inside the closed confined space of the car.

Protection of the car interior

Protection of the car interior

Ultraviolet rays have a destructive effect on plastic: the surface of the plastic discolours, fades, the material becomes brittle. To avoid the damaging effect of solar radiation on plastic elements nano titanium dioxide is included in the composition of the products for the car care interior which has a complex protective and cleansing effect: it absorbs ultraviolet rays, provides surface self-cleaning from organic contaminants, ionizes the air in the cabin and protects interior parts from exposure solar ultraviolet radiation. Treated surfaces become less dirty, do not require frequent and thorough cleaning of the car, cleanliness and comfort in the cabin are achieved with much less effort.

Characteristics of car interior products

Treatment of the car interior

Treatment of the car interior

  • Viscous, milky liquid with a pleasant odour.
  • The coating is polymerized in air in 2 hours after application with the formation of an elastic polymer layer 0.015–0.03 mm thick which contains nano components. Finalizing polymerization finishes in 12 hours.
  • Adapted for northern latitudes and for any season.
  • Applicable to all car interiors, excluding leather car seats and textile upholstery.
  • Removed surface contamination without water.
  • Surfaces are refreshed after treatment.
  • Do not contain components harmful to humans.
  • Hand-friendly.
  • They can be used to prevent freezing of car locking systems.
  • Long last
Treated car door

Treated car door

Car interior products are represented by the following products:

  1. Car care 200 ml Car.Interior kit included a pair of microfibre cloths. It contains everything you need for polish and protection the car interior.
  2. 100 g CleverCOAT for car interior has the same composition as the previous product, differing is only in packaging. Cloths of suitable quality must be ordered separately.
  3. The professional product CleverCOAT PRO has a higher concentration of nano particles which provides a longer last and better cleaning of the vehicle interior. The professional car interior care products is designed not only for private or public vehicles, but also for any type of transport: rail, water, air, etc. This product can be used by cleaning companies when providing car cleaning services.

The consumption of polishes for the auto salon is the about same 3 g / m2 with all possible losses. For cleaning the interior of a middle-class car 10-12g is enough.

Treated (left) and untreated (right) rubber mats

Treated (left) and untreated (right) rubber mats

It is recommended to apply when cleaning the car with a microfibre cloth moistened with the product. For the formation of a protective coating enough only 1 g / m2 and 2 g / m2 of the product is absorbed by the cloth. An increase in consumption, for example by spraying on a surface, only leads to an increase in product losses, since the amount of means for the car interior that forms a protective layer is invariable (1g / m2) and the excess must be removed to get the wished result. If do not remove excess of the product from the surface, the quality of the protective coating will deteriorate.

Nanoformula car interior products are easy to use. The car owner can easily and quickly polish the car, tidy up the interior details and restore its visual appeal without resorting to the services of a car dealership or workshop.

Product Protected surface, m2 Vehicles, PCs
100g bottle in box CleverCOAT for car interior 33 9
200ml Car Interior set 66 17
450g CleverCOAT PRO for vehicles interior 150 38
Car interior surface protecting

Car interior surface protecting

Last of car interior products is at least 2 months. The shelf life of the products is 3 years.

100g and 450g bottles have a cap with a plug. It allows you to economically and accurately apply product for the car interior. To clean the car with these products necessary additionally purchase terry and plain microfibre cloths or use own cloths of a similar structure.

Microfibre cloths are essential accessories for working with interior care products to get the results. They are multifunctional and do not leave streaks on the surface.