Auto polishing products for car interior based on nanotechnology

It is always important that car interior will be well-groomed, comfortable and safe for the driver and passengers. Part of the common car care is the right car interior cleaning in not only cleaning of rugs and wiping dust. When follow to the rules of the right car care with Nanoformula auto polish products will long glad the drivers by refurbished and cleaned car interior. Quality of the cleaning the car interior will certainly associated with using of special auto polish products for the car interior. They an excellent refresh appearance and create protective layer in surfaces against adverse factors.

Operating principle of the auto polish products for car interior

Car interior auto polish products by Nanoformula factory – nanotech protective and restorative polishes for plastic, metal, glass, rubber, vinyl and other materials. Additionally factory produces protective products for car interior upholstery based on nanotechnology: CleverCOAT for textile and natural CleverCOAT cream for protection and recovery leather.

auto polish products for car interior are mixture of the liquid polymers (oligomers) with the included nano-dispersed particles of metal oxides. Both oligomers and nano-sized components in auto polish products effectively work in car interior surface protection and cleaning. Liquid polymers fill small scratches in surfaces of the car interior and after polishing visually eliminate them. During cleaning car interior, auto polish products perform several functions: they remove dirt, restore color, give the surface a deep gloss. Additionally car interior polishes create reliable protective super hydrophobic coating. After cleaning with car interior auto polish products super hydrophobic protective coating prevents to forming moisture stagnant zones and accordingly the spread of infection on the surface. Nanoformula auto polish products improve the overall hygiene in the car interior.

These car interior products not only give the nice look to the surfaces. In spite of polishes are not antibacterial products they provide same healthy and safe environment in passenger compartment. It is particularly important that Nanoformula auto polish products reliably protect limited space of the car interior from contagion.

As well-known plastic parts are damaged under ultraviolet rays: surfaces are discolored, tarnishes, plastics become brittle. To avoid the destructive effects of the solar radiation, auto polish products for car interior contains nano titanium dioxide, which has a complex protective and self-cleaning effect: absorbs ultraviolet rays, provides cleaning of the surface from organic contaminants by photo catalyst mechanism, ionizes the air in the auto interior and reliably protects car interior surfaces from solar ultraviolet radiation. The protected surfaces with Nanoformula auto polish products are less polluted, do not require frequent and thorough cleaning of the car interior, cleanliness and comfort in the cabin is achieved with much less effort.

Description of different types auto polish products for car interior

auto polish products for car interior presents the following products:
- Kit for cleaning car interior 200ml Car.Interior set contained nano polish with pair of microfiber cloths (terry and plain). Auto polish product is easy-to-use packed and always at hand.

- 100g bottle in box CleverCOAT nano tech product for automotive glass - economical and convenient package, which places an insignificant area.
- professional auto polish product CleverCOAT PRO for car interior has a higher concentration of nano-particles, which provide a longer protective effect and quality cleaning the car interior. Product is designed not only for the private or public transport, but also for any kind of transport: rail, water, air, etc. It widely is used in auto services, auto shops and by cleaning services companies in cleaning of the vehicle.

Consumption of all auto polish products for the passenger compartment is same - 3 g / m2 with all potential losses. Applying car interior polishes are recommended by moisten microfiber cloth. Only 1g/m2 is spending for formation of the protective coating and 2g /m2 of auto polish product for the passenger compartment and is absorbed by cloth and loss. Increasing the consumption of the car interior polishes, for example by spraying directly to the surface only increase the loss the auto polish product because for formation protective coating only 1 g/m2 need and the excess of the car interior polish product must be removed to have a good results. Of course, the removal of a larger amount of product associated with an increase in labor costs and product spending. When excess product does not be removed from the surface quality of the protective coating significantly deteriorates.

If we take middle class car interior surface is 3.0 - 3,5m2 - for cleaning and protection enough only 10-12g of the Nanoformula auto polish products.

All auto polish products for the car interior are DIY application and easy to use. Any car owner car easily and very quickly carry out the cleaning of own car, tidy interior details and restore visual appeal without special car cleaning services companies.

Designed CleverCOAT for the car interior upholstery fabric has other nature. It is sol gel of the nano silicon compounds in water. When spraying it on the surface, the liquid penetrates into fabric and forms in fibers after full drying reliable and absolutely invisible nano super hydrophobic protective coating. In same time textile “is respiring” and appearance is not changed. Complete drying - a prerequisite for the formation of the protective layer. Consumption for the protection upholstery fabric is 25-50ml/m2 depending from car interior upholstery type.

Regenerating protective CleverCOAT cream for natural and artificial leather is a premium product for the car interior leather upholstery with nano technology barrier protection. It is i natural water-oil emulsion with the interstitial of nano sized clay particles. It is thoroughly natural product for the vehicle interior nourishing and restoring elasticity of car leather and softens them. The leather restores to initial characteristics. There is not any ingredient in cream composition can harm car leather interior upholstery.

The table below clearly shows how the surface can be treated with car interior products for the passenger compartment:

Product Enough for protection area, m2
100g bottle in box CleverCOAT for car interior 33
200ml Car.Interior set 66
450g bottle CleverCOAT PRO for vehicles Interior 149
450ml bottle CleverCOAT for textile 15
100g bottle CleverCOAT Cream for leather 10

Lasting effect of the auto polish products is not less 2 months. Even minimal 100g package protects car interior at least 18 months. Polishes useful time is 3 years, which ensures efficient for using this product package to protect and clean the car interior.

auto polish products packed in 100g and 450bottles with flip top cap or screw cap with plug allow more efficiently and accurately consume the car interior polishes. For applying these auto polish products necessary additionally order terry and plain microfiber cloths (for example Nanoformula.Microfiber.Cloths set) or us own microfiber cloths with same structure.

Microfiber cloths are important accessories for working with auto polish products for car interior to get a great result. Microfiber cloths well-absorb liquid auto polish products and does not leave streaks on the surface in the car interior.