Nano products for window, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and home interior

Easy to clean products for DIY and professional using create invisible nano protective coating in treated surfaces. Protected surfaces obtain typical for nano protective coatings self-cleaned, super hydrophobic and dirt repellent properties which use for easy cleaning house without chemicals, with only dry or wet cloths. Therefore we are calling these products “easy to clean” to easy clean house.

Additionally products have extremely low (average 3g/m2) consumption and create protective coating in surface with long super hydrophobic and self-cleaned lasting effect. These properties allow reduce quantity of the dangerous household chemicals in about 100 times. It supports healthy environment in our home.

Nanoformula easy clean house products are not dangerous. They do not form soluble waste fallen into sewerage and pollute environment. Small quantity of the waste is inert material like plastic which are easy utilized with solid waste according to local regulation.
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Qualitative easy clean windows

Qualitative easy clean windows

Nanotech easy to clean products for window create in surface visually transparent protective coating. It effective protects against aerial contamination of the industrial enterprises, motor transport and other sources of pollution in city. Coatings improve glass optical properties. Treated glass obtains self-cleaned properties from organic contaminants when exposed to sunlight and as result of “lotus effect”. Easy clean nanotech coatings provide long self-purification effect of the windows. Lasting effect of these coatings is about 6 months and then necessary re-coat the glass. Duration is depending from coatings attrition time under environmental conditions.

Thus, to have an excellent results with Nanoformula easy clean products enough only two windows treatments in year.

Easy cleanup windows products are designed for greenhouses, shop-windows, solar panels and also for different constructions from glass. It also applicable for protection the painted metal, plastic and other surfaces concomitant operation of the window wash.
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Easy clean products for qualitative cleaning the kitchen

Easy clean products for qualitative cleaning the kitchen

These products, probably, can be a simple and necessary attribute in a kitchen, same as products for dish washing. The feature of this easy clean products line is high temperature resistant of liquid polymers mixture in composition. It forms additional to typical properties of easy to clean produces creating the super hydrophobic coating in furniture, sinks, ceramic tiles, metallic surfaces - anti-stick coatings in any types of oven plate from metal, glass, ceramics, enameled surfaces and other materials.

These products are easy coated on surface. Coatings are an excellent polishing with cloth, ecological and very saving. In spite of they are not bactericide, don’t dissolve and don’t decompose a pollution in surface they prevent to contagion. Products easily return to the kitchen an attractive appearance and guarantee high quality results. Anti-stick coating in oven plate such effective that for clean up the cooking surfaces enough only cloth without chemicals and scrapers.
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Universal qualitative easy to clean products for toilet and bathroom

Universal qualitative easy to clean products for toilet and bathroom

As well as other easy clean toilet/bathroom products create optical transparent super hydrophobic protective shining coatings. They prevent the contaminations in sanitary ware, sanitary ceramic, chrome-plated surfaces. Additionally, products have metal anti-corrosive property as it strong adhesive to surface and super hydrophobic coating inhibit to water contact with metal. Super hydrophobic easy to clean products for toilet and bathroom prevent to formation of salt spots in sanitary ware. Spots washed off from surface by water or easily clean up with a cloth, because salt sedimentations adhesion with a surface is very weak. Products are inert, does not contain abrasives, recommended for treatment of shower stalls, chrome-plated sanitary ware, ceramic tile, glass, plastic and so on.
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Universal easy to clean products for interior of house

Universal easy to clean products for interior of house

Products for easy clean house interior designed for painted and varnished furniture (as furniture polishes), glass parts of the home interior, plastic, household appliances, electronics and electrical devices.

The first visual effect after using of the interior home easy to clean products is returning of deep and pleasant color to the interior parts and furniture. But we think that more attention deserves that easy clean products decrease contagion in a house. For example, it is very important when use them for computer and household appliance.

Easy to clean products are very economical. 100ml of the products is enough for qualitative cleaning of about 30m2 a surface. They visually remove the scratches, roughnesses and so on. It considerably makes better original appearance.

Products improve a general hygiene and have long effective lasting effect. Easy clean house interior with them converts the routine cleaning into pleasure.
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Easy and high-quality cleaning products for textiles and leather
Easy and high-quality cleaning products for textiles and leather

Described easy to clean products complement is water based textile and water-absorbing leather (like suede) protector spray. Liquid penetrates into material and create super hydrophobic protective layer inside material. It protects surfaces (for example, soft furniture, upholstery textile/leather, carpets and so on) from spills. Treated with spray surfaces easy clean (for example: by vacuum cleaner or by shaking off from surface). Protective effect is enough long and provide a good appearance to surfaces long time.
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Factory also produces CleverCOAT PRO cream for recover and protect leather in leather furniture, leather goods, leather parts of the home interior and leather foot wear. Cream prepared from natural components. It recovers elasticity of a leather, refresh an appearance and create protective layer inside material. Using this nano cream warrants an excellent results.
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Cleverclean for home set
Cleverclean for home set

The set of CleverCLEAN for a house easy cleaning includes the most popular produces of this series :
- for a home interior
- for a kitchen
- for the bathroom/toilet

Kit of these easy to clean compositions allows quickly, easily and with high quality cleaning up of house and always with high quality.
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