Easy kitchen cleaning with Nanoformula nano products

Factory Nanoformula offers nano coatings for easy kitchen cleaning both for household keeping and professional use. These coatings was designed for cleaning kitchen surfaces from plastic, steel, glass, painted wood, and other materials in kitchen interior except textile. Nanoformula products are not intended for cookware.

Composition and application of the kitchen cleaning nano coating

All nano products made from liquid polymers (oligomers) with included nano-dispersed materials. Nano products for kitchen cleaning create effective dirt repellent hydrophobic protective coating. Besides polymer mixture in kitchen cleaning nano products are temperature stable up to 300 centigrade degrees. This property allows allow using these nano products as anti-stick surface protection for kitchen plate stove. Spilled foodstuffs in protected plate stove don’t stick to surface and easy cleaning with wet cloth.

Nanoformula kitchen cleaning nano products mean for kitchen stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, faced ceramics plates, kitchen sinks, furniture and appliances.

Products for kitchen cleaning not only forms nano protective coatings but prevents to contagion in spite of they are not bactericides. Unique properties of the nano products Nanoformula factory convert a routine work to easy cleaning of a kitchen in our home.

Canadian consumers appreciated the Nanoformula kitchen cleaning nano product. It is voted best product in 2015.

Nanoformula kitchen cleaning nano coatings are safe, non-aggressive, easy coating, non- scratch, refresh and polish surfaces, universal and recommend for daily use.

Professional and DIY kitchen cleaning nano coating

Kitchen cleaning nano products are presented by three products: two nano coatings for home using – Home.Kitchen set and CleverCLEAN for kitchen with same composition and differ only by packing. Third nano product CleverCLEAN PRO for cleaning kitchen has more nano-dispersed particles concentration and has more lasting effect. Professional nano coating designed for kitchen cleaning in catering facilities, hotels, other public places. CleverCLEAN PRO for kitchen is ideal for cleaning of the technological kitchen equipment and sales auxiliary (working tables, sinks, displays and so on), barns and facilities for visitors.

Economy and protection of kitchen cleaning nano coating

Nanoformula kitchen cleaning nano products form reliable protective coating against grease deposition, scales, incrustations, carbon and mineral spots and also other pollutions and make kitchen care easy. Protection lasting effect is from 2 weeks to 2 months depending from material and intensity of using of the surface. For example: for metal surface lasting effect is less compare with painted wood surface. Professional kitchen cleaning nano coating designed for catering companies, hotels, other public places provides ideal cleanness of the technological and sales equipment (working tables, sinks, displays and so on). Consumption 3g/m2 is enough for kitchen cleaning and protection. These nano products are very economical. Even 100g packing is enough for protection kitchen about 2 years. Last is 2 week minimal. Nanoformula solution allows reduce pollution with cleaning chemicals in about 100 times and reduce chemicals cost for cleaning in about 9 times.

Product Enough for protection area, m2
100g bottle in box CleverCLEAN for kitchen 33
200ml Home.Kitchen set 66
450g bottle CleverCLEAN PRO for kitchen 149

Kitchen cleaning nano products shelf life is 3 years. It allows use these products long time.

Home.Kitchen set includes microfiber cloths for applying and polishing nano coating.CleverCLEAN for kitchen and CleverCLEAN PRO for kitchen bottles have flip top cap or cap with plug - more applicable compare with sprayers because more accurate and economical one. For these products we recommend order additionally terry and polish microfiber cloths set or use own similar structures cloths. Microfiber cloths Nanoformula many times was tested and recommended for kitchen cleaning nano products.

Very important keep the kitchen clean. No small importance to do it with effective and safe kitchen cleaning nano products. Using kitchen cleaning nano coating you correct vote way of reducing labor cost and safety house environment.