Nanoformula products for professionals

NanoFormula professional products for cleaning and protecting

Cleaning Companies

Nano chemical materials to protect glass, plastic and painted surface, included metal surfaces. For coating building`s interior and exterior, transport. Suitable for outside coating in any season. Best results and minimum labor cost. Excellent to use. Long-time proofing effect. More »

Car service centers

Nano chemical materials to cleanse and protect car's interior and exterior. Easy to use, cost effective, high-performance to protect surfaces. Long-time proofing effect. This series have bactericide properties. More »

Production, Stocks, Offices

We advise to use these self-cleaning and anti-corrosive coatings for outdoor surfaces such as windows, non porous facing materials: siding, sandwich panels and so on. Very effective to decrease labor time to clean up surfaces.More »

Public places, Supermarkets, Schools

Nano protective coatings with micro flora proofing effect for glass, plastic, metals. Coating is friendly to environment. More »

All types of public transport and goods transport

Increased driving safety coating for glass. Long-time proofing coatings for vehicles: exterior and interior - plastic, rubber and so on except textile. Ones has micro flora proofing effect. Friendly to environment, cost effective. More »

Café, restaurants, food industry

Non-stick, dirt- and water repellent nano protection. Prevents contagion. Developed for working area: glass, metal, plastic, painted surfaces. Has long effect. Environment friendly. More »