Two components water based hydrophobic wood protection

Non-hazardous breathing paint for hydrophobic wood with a long last without using oils and other organic substances are demanded by the market. This task feasible with nano technology. Lack of oils and other organic components in wood protection paint improves resistance to damage from solar radiation. Hydrophobic wood based on two components wood protection paints. Long-term investigation and testing have shown the effectiveness of a protective two-component coating for many applications.

Nanotech wood protection with CleverCOAT wood premier

In first stage of wood protection paint contained additive nano particles for their penetration into wooden material. Nano particles form protective coating inside the material and it is define long last of the wood protection because protection coating is not worn out. Only hydrophilic compositions suitable for penetration into wood because wood always contained water and paint must be friendly to wooden material. Introduced nano particles forms in wood fibers insoluble protective nano coating which long time keeps wood in good condition.more

CleverCOAT wood premier tinting

The factory has designed non-hazardous, neutral, water-based stain additive for coloring protective coating CleverCOAT wood.

Stain additives are packed in plastic bottle. Additive from bottle is added to the canister with the colorless CleverCOAT wood premier before painting.

It is enough to add additive to the canister and shake one: 100ml bottle is per 3kg canister and 50ml bottle is per 1.3kg canister.

Colors: kiwi, greenstone, sea buckthorn, caraway, coffee, chestnut.

Hydrophobic wood with CleverCOAT wood finish

Forming protective layer in wood is long process. it takes about year. During all this time necessary protect (initially hydrophilic) wood against water, rain, snow and other external factors. For it need CleverCOAT wood finish given to surface a hydrophobic wood property on all time necessary that first protection coating is finalized . In spite of both components are antagonists (one-hydrophilic and other hydrophobic) both from them have same nano particles which diffuse each other coating and stick both coatings each other. Second hydrophobic coating reliable protect fist costing and allow to form insoluble hydrophobic protective coating in wood.more