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Technical Data Sheet

VOKA waterproof agent (TDS)

Date of generation: 06.01.2021

Intended uses of the VOKA waterproof agent

Protected/unprotected sand-lime brick

Protected/unprotected sand-lime brick

Solvent-free, ready-to-use, homogeneous mixture with not fixed structure oligo ethoxy siloxanes included nano oxide silicone. It is certificated as water, dirt proofing and chemical protective agent for concrete, ferroconcrete surfaces with age not younger then 25days, ceramic articles, brick setting (also included bricks seams), constructional materials, plastered surfaces, tiles, walkway slabs, faces materials from natural and imitation materials, any municipal objects and other pore surfaces.

Coated surfaces develop great hydrophobic properties. It’s doesn’t allow to moisture and chemicals like acids and alkali penetrate into material. The treated materials have stable low moisture content all season. Materials keep the best heat-insulated properties. Heat-insulating is stable weakly dependents from environmental humidity. For example, the heat conductivity of the concrete and calcium-silicate bricks are about 0,2 – 0,3 W/(m °C). It is serious less standard measures.

Product description

Product has excellent fluidity and can distribute itself to a surface with creating inner 3-5mm super hydrophobic barrier layer into material without closed pores and changing appearance.

Technical Features:

  1. Prevents to moisture and salt absorption.
  2. Efficiently protected against UV rays exposure.
  3. Keeps good heat-proofing of the materials.
  4. Water vapor permeable.
  5. Not change the surface appearance.
  6. Long-term effect.
  7. Solvent free.
  8. Long-time storage

Technical information

Appearance Transparent neutral oily liquid
Vapor Density, air = 1 Not determined.
Volatility,% Not determined.
Molecular weight Not determined.
Boiling point, °C min. 190
Melting point, °C max -50
Evaporation rate Not determined.
Viscosity, cSt 17-25
Specific Gravity, g/cm3 1,086-1,120
Flash point, °C, min 78
Auto ignition Temp., °C,min Not determined
Solubility Alcohol, Ether, Acetone

Removing coating from surface is possible with alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl), also by steam and next mechanically with brush.

Surface preparation

Not need special pre-treatment work. The substrate must be sound, clean, free from dust and grease, well as dry.

It is recommended to use protective coating at not rainy weather under any temperature and air humidity. During cold season surface must be only ice free so that it doesn’t prevent penetration agent into pores.

The hand tools must be cleanness.

  • Professional protective hydrophobic impregnation without both closing pores and changing appearance.
  • It is waterproofing concrete and other pore materials constructions.
  • It protects concrete constructions against chemical corrosion with aggressive chemicals like acids, alkali and fertilizers.
  • It is indoor protective agent against concrete corrosion in the cattle-breeding building complexes and fertilizer warehouses and so on.
  • It is effective anti-fouling agent for concrete constructions.
  • Consumption is 50-100g/m2.
  • Application: brushing, rolling, and spraying.
Product hazards and safety information

See Safety Data Sheet for complete Health and Safety information. Do not use in confined areas without the proper safety precautions/equipment.

Additional data

Product is prepared according to existing legislation European Union. Product has not volatile matter and holds the nano components tight inside its structure. Nano particles cannot be separated one from polymer mixture. It guarantees that nano-sized particles do not get “loose” and incur to human organism and harm our health and surrounding environment.

Effective protective time is 10 years, useful time is 5 years. Storing: under natural condition without temperature limiting.

VOKA waterproof agent. Bar code: 4742692000581

VOKA waterproof agent. Bar code: 4742692000581

Packing of the VOKA waterproof agent

Product is packed in 3kg plastic canisters: Carton: 5 canistersbr
Carton size: 39cm х 28cm х 26cm
Carton’s gross weight: 17.10kg

Pallet: 60 cartons/300 canisters:
Pallet weight net/gross - 1026kg/1051kg
Pallet size: 100cm x 120cm x 175cm

Labels in three languages: English, Estonian, Russian.

Order customized labels is beginning from 500 units min. per product.

Shipping and export information

Non-hazardous for any transportation.
Export HS code: 39100000