Nanotech protective products and protective coatings

Nanotechnology for easy home and car care

The Nanoformula factory produces high-quality hydrophobic coatings DIY and professional use: easy home and car care products; protective coatings for protection metal, plastic, wood, concrete, textile and leather; disinfectants for hands and hard-surfaces.

Car and home care products have a very low consumption of 3g / m2. To apply such a small amount to the surface, a microfiber cloth is needed. Products are completed with or without cloths. If the product is without cloths necessary additionally to order cloths from us or use existing ones.

Car care nano protective coatings

Protective coatings Car.Exterior (completed with cloths), CleverCOAT for car exterior and CleverCOAT PRO vehicles exterior are safe protecting not only painted car body but also metal, plastic, rubber and glass. They do not damage the car exterior surface.

Car.Glass set with cloths, CleverCOAT for Car Glass and CleverCOAT PRO for vehicles glass, the protective composition works as rain away hydrophobic coating. The car glass surface become self-cleaning to improve safe driving in bad weather.

Car.Interior kit (with cloths), CleverCOAT Car Interior and CleverCOAT PRO for vehicles interior refresh surfaces from plastic, rubber, metal and glass. They impart them more attractive, prevent to congation spreading. Albeit there are not any biocides hazardous to human are is contained in composition.

Factory produces Сar Сare set for full car protection included three products of 100g each for the protection of auto glass, car exterior and car interior with microfiber cloths for application. This kit allows to keep car in perfect condition and provides its complete protection for a long time.

Waterless Car Cleaner perhaps is only one cleaner applicable in winter or off season, when water-based cleaners are unused. The second Car Cleaner Universal is designed for frost-free season. Product is contained the additives against typical of this season dirtying. In all cases, the consumers have got a clean and shiny car with a protected surface (also car glass) that repels moisture and dirt while driving.

Protective coatings Home.Window (complete with cloths), CleverCLEAN for windows, CleverCLEAN PRO for windows provide long-term self-cleaning of the glass surface. Seasonal treatment twice a year keeps windows in perfect condition.

Household nanotech products

Home.Kitchen kit with cloths, CleverCLEAN for the kitchen, CleverCLEAN PRO for the kitchen are designed to protect the interior and worktop. They form a non-stick hydrophobic coating on cookers, which allows keeping clean surfaces without scrapers or household chemicals.

Home.Sanitaryware set, CleverCLEAN for bathroom/WC, CleverCLEAN PRO for ceramics and sanitary ware protect glass, metal, chrome, plastic in bathrooms and toilets - prevent to salting-up and salt deposits on sanitary equipment, do not form spots on glass, repel water at the junction of various materials. Helps maintain a high level of hygiene.

Home.Interior kit (with cloths), CleverCLEAN for home interior and CleverCLEAN PRO for public places refresh and protect the interior, they can be used for household appliances, computers, gadget and similar because protective coatings do not conduct electricity (insulators) and can be used on electronic and electric parts.

A special position is occupied by CleverCOAT for waterproofing textile, developed both for the protection of the upholstery of the car interior and for upholstered furniture, carpets, clothes, shoes made from materials that absorb water in normal state (without treatment). Water based product, suitable for both professional and home use.

CleverCOAT Cream for leather recovering is used for various leather products to restore its appearance and make it elastic. The product can be used to protect car seats, leather furniture, bags, various products and clothing. The cream contains only natural ingredients.

Nanotech products for building industry and other application

CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti is popular, water-based, not hazardous to humans and the environment protective coating. Protection with this product has a most economical option in the battle for keeping urban infrastructure clean. The product forms a transparent protective layer on mineral porous and smooth opaque materials from metal, wood, painted surfaces. It is reliable covering a substrate almost without changing appearance. Removal of graffiti from the protected area is carried out with hot water with a brush or steam or hot water under pressure. Waste are not hazard to the environment and humans. If an already protected area needs to be renovated, the protective coating can be easily removed locally in the necessary area.

VOKA concrete impregnation creates a breathable water-repellent layer, protects against aggressive substances: acids, alkalis, salts. Product is used both for protection facades, plinths, concrete structures from moisture, and against chemical corrosion in terminals, factories, warehouses for storing fertilizers and in many other cases.

The factory produces two-component long last protective impregnation CleverCOAT WOOD. The composition is water-based, does not contain harmful components, easily tinted.

Bento-01 is a natural based linseed oil additive designed for manufacturers of paints and varnishes. The additive significantly improves the resistance of coatings to moisture and ultraviolet radiation.

CleverSEPT disinfectant for hand and hard-surfaces

And finally, the product that the factory began to produce in connection with COVID-19 to prevent the spread of infection. CleverSEPT alcohol-based hand and surface disinfectant (70% min.) According to a classic formulation recommended by the World Health Organization for maximum protection and safety. The products are available in a variety of packaging for a wide range of applications.