Building Protection with CleverCLEAN PRO

Packing of the nanotech protective product CleverCLEAN PRO for building facades


Protective cleaning product for professional house wash businesses and personal homeowners

Developed for taking care of house facade, wallboard, wall panel, house exterior, insulated panels, sandwich panels, weather boardings, fiberglass panels, PVC cladding and other non-porous sidings from metal, plastic or painted wood.

Protect the house wall paneling from dirt and pollution using eco-friendly solution. Once coated with CleverCLEAN PRO for building facades house facade remains protected for a long time (up to one year) and makes regular house wash more infrequent and easy to complete. The outside of your house will look sparkling clean as the surfaces coated with pro product rejects all dirt and fouling.

House washing was never been easier before! Apart from water and dirt repellent protection, the house facing materials, sidings, panels and facades obtain protection from microbiological and floral growth. Algae on the walls, moss and lichen cannot grow on protected house facade as they don’t have any surface to fixate.

Everyone loves clean house facades. Property cleaning and house wash requires a lot of time and thus this work is not very pleasant to do. Apart from that, house visual appearance worsens after some time. CleverCLEAN PRO for building facades protects your house visual appearance from ageing. The product refreshes surfaces and effectively protects from UV radiation, which is causing degradation and destruction of many materials used in sidings and house facades.

There are several ways to go green. One of them is using CleverCLEAN PRO for building facades when planning a house wash. Thanks to the protective layer all external filth is easily washed down, no need for using dangerous to environment toxic cleaners and detergents. You can save money on regular expensive washing liquids up to 90%. The protective and polishing product is also very economic- only 3 grams per square meter! Optimize your house cleaning business, gain time and minimize your expenses on materials and labor. You and your customers will value it.

Be smart- eco-smart.