Auto cleaner with shine and self-cleaned and hydrophobic effects


Hand car wash, shine and protect all surfaces of the car exterior

Dry-clean auto with hand car wash product Car.Cleaner Universal

Some people speculate that the lack of slush contributes to car cleanliness maintaining, but in the warm season, the car is exposed to pollution even more intensively than in the winter. It is a mistake to think that the car will be clean a long time in the summer. It is enough one trip on the road in rainy weather that urgently needs to bring up the vehicle into the proper form. Driving in the evening or at night leads to contamination of the front of the car, the windshield with traces of midges, and parking under the trees with a sticky sap and pollen, poplar fluff, bird droppings and other contaminants. All these and more "summer" pollutions bring to drivers a lot of trouble, often want to escape from them immediately.

The ideal option of the prompt solution for this problem is clean auto by hand car wash product Nanoformula Car.Cleaner Universal.

Hand car wash product Car.Cleaner Universal is a water-polymer emulsion with surface-active substances, thus able to quickly and effectively remove the above-mentioned pollution and oil stains, grime, asphalt, simultaneously creating a protective super hydrophobic nano protective coating on the surfaces, which easily are polishing with microfiber cloths, giving painted and the metal surfaces of a deep shine after clean auto.

Nano protective super hydrophobic coating is created after hand car wash in clean auto - not only painted surface, but also car glass, lights, plastic, rubber and metal parts of the car exterior and wheels. Clean auto obtains a self-cleaning properties. Nanoformula hand car wash allows to keep the automotive in perfect condition without any detergents. The contamination weakly stick to nano protective coating and is easily wash with a minimum amount of water with an excellent results. The duration of the surface nano protection in clean auto and self-cleaning effect is approximately 1 month.

The universal hand car wash product is absolutely not aggressive. Nanoformula dry clean auto product suitable not only for pained surfaces and car glass, but applicable for plastic, rubber, vinyl parts. The great advantage of hand car wash product is also an option to remove the local contamination, when is not necessary to wash the entire car, for example for removing only traces of birds, midges, or wipe a windshield, headlights without clean all auto.

Depending on the preferences of retailers, wholesalers and cleaning companies Nanoformula hand car wash for dry clean auto product - Car.Cleaner Universal available in the following packaging:

  • - 450ml trigger sprayer bottle
  • - 3L canister
  • - Car.Cleaner Universal kit included: 3L canister + 450ml trigger sprayer bottle + 5 x (30cm x 30cm) terry microfiber cloths for applying hand car wash product and 1 x (30cm x 30cm) cloth for polishing

The consumption for one dry clean auto is 150ml per medium class car. Standard product packaging 450ml bottle is enough for dry hand car wash 3 times. Using the kit implies adding hand car wash product from the canister to a bottle, as need for the regular dry clean auto and it is more cost-effective. Included a large quantity of cloths in kit is justified and it is a good addition for quality hand car wash.

Simple for application Nanoformula hand car wash product Car.Cleaner universal actually saves customer’s time and money.

When clean auto with Car.Cleaner Universal follow to user manual.

Versatility hand car wash product in that it can be successfully applied not only to clean auto, but also in the home to remove dirt on the glasses and plastics, on the tiles and chrome and interior elements, office equipment - everywhere Car .Cleaner Universal shows efficiency, protection and super hydrophobic properties.

Product features

Product features

  • Universal hand car wash product consumption: 150g per middle class car;
  • Lasting effect in all surfaces: 1 month min.;
  • Keeping time: 3 years from date of manufacture (in packing);
  • Clean auto can be anywhere, anytime;
  • Clean auto with Nanoformula product easy keeps in excellent condition without brushes, buckets, detergents;
  • Composition of the hand car wash product Car.Cleaner Universal adapted to the harsh urban environment;
  • Hand car wash product easily removes bug tars and birds;
  • The desired result of Nanoformula clean auto is achieved in just a few minutes;
  • The versatility of application: suitable for wheel rims, vehicle bodies and interior details;
  • Hand car wash products cleans, polishes and protects the paint, glass, plastic, rubber;
  • Clean auto polished immediately after cleaning;
  • After applying Nanoformula hand car wash product, contaminations weakly adhere to the protected surface and easily removed just moistened with water microfiber cloth. The car auto clean and shiny again;
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, no soluble waster;
  • Application temperature is more 0 C;
Packing of auto spa Car.Cleaner Universal

Packing of auto spa Car.Cleaner Universal for dry wash

  • 450ml trigger sprayer bottle:
    • 20 bottles in carton;
    • Carton's size: 39cm х 28cm х 26cm
    • Carton's gross weight: 11.68kg
    • Pallet: 60 cartons/1200 bottles
    • Pallet's size: 100cm x 120cm x 171cm
    • Pallet weight net/gross - 701kg/606kg
  • 3L canister:
    • Carton: 5 canisters
    • Carton size: 39cm х 28cm х 26cm
    • Carton's gross weight: 16.10kg
    • Pallet: 60 cartons/300 canisters
    • Pallet's size: 100cm x 120cm x 171cm
    • Pallet weight net/gross - 966kg/991kg
  • Car.Cleaner Universal (kit) included:
    • 3L canister;
    • 450ml trigger sprayer bottle;
    • 5 terry cloths with size 30cm x 30cm each;
    • 1 polish cloth with size 30cm x 30cm.
    • Carton: 1 kit
    • Carton's size: 25cm х 19cm х 19cm
    • Carton's gross/net weight: 3.760kg/4.250kg
    • Pallet (cardboard container) : 168 cartons/168 kits
    • Pallet weight net/gross: 714kg/739kg;
    • Pallet size: 100cm х 120cm х 180cm