Hand car cleaners with post self-cleaning nano effect

The relevance of waterless car cleaners Nanoformula

Nanoformula car cleaners are new generation products. They are not detergents, do not contain acids, alkalis and other chemical components and are safe for the environment. They designed for all parts of the vehicle except for fabric and leather car seats upholstery.

Dry washing cleaners are designed for car body, car glass, rims and other car parts from metal, glass, plastic and rubber. Products form a water-repellent protective layer on surfaces after a car wash.

These products are “three in one”: cleaning, nano protection and polishing. Car cleaners are easy to use and not expensive.

Dry car wash products do not pollute the environment. Post cleaning waste is dirty cloths with a solid inert mass on them which are disposed of together with other solid waste.

Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture (on the bottle).

It is recommended to use NanoFormula terry and plain microfibre cloths with this product.

Waterless car wash in summer

Waterless car wash in summer

Waterless cleaning is a simple, convenient, effective and safe method of car care. It is appreciated by car enthusiasts and car manufacturers recommend and used by specialists.

The factory has created the special cleaners for waterless car washing, using to get not only a clean car, but at the same time protect it from adverse factors.

Cleaning from dirt with Car.Cleaner Universal

Cleaning from dirt with Car.Cleaner Universal

The composition of car cleaners contains a nano-dispersed particles of bentonite clay. Due to the content in the clay of montmorillonite (Al2 [Si4O10] (OH) 2 • nH2O) which has a framework structure characteristic of aluminosilicates it is the basis for forming a protective layer on the surface. The nano-dispersed size and high specific surface area of clay particles, at a relatively low concentration ones, allow to shield all covered surface with a protective layer, while remaining invisible to humans.

The protective layer makes the surfaces water-repellent. As a result, the car is self-cleaning when driving. This effect after waterless washing is observed on painted surfaces, metal, plastic, rubber and glass. The hydrophobic effect last is 1 month min.

Car glass cleaning
Car glass cleaning

Car cleaners compositions have good penetrating ability. The liquid penetrates through dirt and easily forms a protective layer between the surface to be cleaned and the dirt on it. The adhesive of dirt to the surface is reduced and dirt is easily and safe for the surface removed with a cloth from the area to be cleaned without a trace.

Dirt particles from the surface to be cleaned extract to a liquid polymer. The slush in surface is softened and the abrasive particles are impregnated and enveloped by polymer. With such a safe method the negative impact on the paintwork is minimized and scratching of the car surface is excluded. When cleaning the car dirt soaked by polymer is collected on a soft microfibre cloth and removed from it by occasional shaking.

Since the composition does not contain detergents, there is no risk of ingress and impurity of the water system with them. In this regard waterless washing can be applied anywhere without fear of contaminating the environment.

Car body cleaning with Car.Cleaner in winter
Car body cleaning with Car.Cleaner in winter

After dry washing, we have got a clean and protected surfaces that can be easily polished: for minor defects in the coatings are visually eliminated and the car takes on a well-groomed appearance. The formed dirt and water repellent protective layer prevents the further contamination, since the adhesion of dirt to the protected surfaces is 4-5 times weaker than that of an unprotected car.

There are relatively inexpensive components used in car cleaner's composition. Ones are reasonable goods for regular use.

Using them allows doing high-quality and fast cleaning of the car without significant costs and without environmental pollution -usual when used conventional car detergents. After using the cleaners, a negligible amount of insoluble inert polymer remains on the cloth which is disposed of without contamination of the environment as usual solid waste. Thus, Nanoformula waterless car cleaners are “three in one” products: they save remove dirt, protects and polish surface.

Car Headlight Cleaning with Car.Cleaner

The consumption of products for waterless car cleaning is 25-30g / m2. One cleaning of a middle class car consumes about 150g of the product. A standard 450ml bottle is enough to clean the car 3 times — saving 160 litres of water usually used to wash a car. The shelf life of cleaners Nanoformula is 3 years.

Car after winter waterless wash

Car after winter waterless wash

Car.Cleaner - does not contain water and can be used at any season. This product is applicable in winter, when the using of usual car chemicals and water for washing are problematic or impossible.

In winter, the car exterior is exposed first to the aggressive action of salts and anti-icing agents that destroy the paintwork, causing severe corrosion.

Washing with water is also damage and is not always desirable, since even a small amount of water, if the car is insufficiently dried, penetrates into microcracks and scratches, when freezing, expanding deepens them, leading to undesirable consequences. As a result, in the spring it often turns out that the restoration of the paint layer is required. Avoiding this requires a special waterless wash cleaner does not contain water. The freezing point of the Car.Cleaner is about -50 C. it allows using car cleaner all season especially in winter.

Summer waterless wash with Car.Cleaner Universal

Summer waterless wash with Car.Cleaner Universal

During frost-free season the car is more subjected to dirtying than in winter. One trip on the highway in rainy weather is enough, and you urgently need clear up vehicle into proper appearance. Evening or night driving leads to dirty of the front of the car and the windscreen with traces of midges, and parking under trees has its unfortunate consequences of sticky sap and pollen from trees, poplar fluff, bird droppings and other pollution. These and other “summer” dirtying brings a lot of trouble to car owners, often they need to get rid of them immediately.

An effective way for a fast solution to the problem is the use of a waterless car wash with Nanoformula Universal Cleaner. This car cleaner is a water-polymer emulsion with surfactants, due to which it is able to quickly remove the aforementioned contaminants, as well as oil stains and ingrained dirt. This cleaner also creates a protective hydrophobic layer on the surface that can be easily polished with a microfibre cloth, giving painted and metallic surfaces a deep shine.

With Car.Cleaner Universal can be effortlessly get rid of traces of insects, bird droppings, tree sap and resin.

Both waterless cleaners are packaged in convenient spray trigger bottles for evenly and economical using. We recommend Nanoformula terry microfibre cloths or similar structure with these cleaners.

The cloths can be washed for reuse. It is recommended to pre-soak them in water with a small amount of washing powder for about 12 hours. It is not recommended drying the washed microfibre cloths on heating devices.