Cleaning products for eco car wash with post self-cleaned effects

Cleaners with nano effects basis

Waterless car wash is the most simple, easy, effective and eco way of auto care. This innovative method is much appreciated by customers. eco car wash is recommended and widely using for car cleaning. To achieve the best car cleaning results the factory Nanoformula designs the special eco car wash products with nano effects which ensure not only spick and span car and provide nano protection cleaned surfaces after car cleaning.

Significance of eco car wash with nano effects

Produced by factory Nanoformula eco car wash chemicals are good solution in situation when car is dirtied at inopportune moment and no possibility or time to go to car wash. Two microfiber cloths and Nanoformula car cleaning product can resolve situation and back to car a cleanness, shine and nano protection without water, hoses and wash equipment. Car owners doesn’t need to go to the stationary car wash station, spend time on the road, waiting and pay for expensive car cleaning services. Even first-time user can cope with a task at any season. Nanoformula eco car wash products are designed to provide high-quality waterless car cleaning with self-cleaned, super hydrophobic and nano protective effects and satisfy the most particular customer owner.

Application of the nano-tech car cleaning products

As opposed to most traditional car cleaning products and auto shampoo, eco car wash products are new generation cleaners. They are not a detergents, do not contain acids, alkali and other dangerous components. Car cleaning products are completely safe for the environment, for the car and for car owner.

eco car wash products for cleaning with nano effect are applicable for any vehicle’s parts, except auto interior upholstery.

There is nano dispersed composition of bentonite clay presents in car cleaning products’ mixture. Bentonite clay has a high content of the montmorillonite (Al2 [Si4O10] (OH) 2 • nH2O) with a wire-frame structure of aluminum silicate. It determines nano protective coating in surfaces after applied eco car wash products. Nano sized particles with high specific surface in car cleaning products form (in spite of relatively low concentration) a contiguous protective coating in all treated surfaces and reliably protect them from mechanical abrasion.

The protective coating is formed on the washed with car cleaning products also obtains super hydrophobic property. It allows to car self-cleaned as a result of "lotus effect" during driving. This self-cleaning effect after using eco car wash products appear on painted surfaces, metal, plastic, rubber and even glass and with lasts about 1 month.

Nano-tech car cleaning products has a very good penetration. During eco car washing, liquid easy penetrates through the dirt and forms a protective coating between the surface and dirt on it. The adhesion of the dirt in treated surfaces with eco car wash products serious reduces and it is reason of easily and safely qualitative removing dirt from ones without trace.

eco car washing proceeds by a mechanism of extraction of dirt particles from the treated surface to the liquid polymer contained in car cleaning product. A layer of dirt is softened, and the abrasive particles of dirt are impregnated and covered with a liquid polymer. It is minimizing the negative impact on the paint and except scratching the surface of the vehicle. During nano eco car washing dirt soaked with car cleaning product is absorbing by soft microfiber cloth and is removed from surface with periodic shaking of the cloth.

Result of car cleaning with Nanoformula eco car wash products are clean and protected surfaces which additionally easy polishing. After used eco car wash products small surface’s scratches visually eliminated, created dirt - and water-repellent coating, significantly reduces the possibility of a new adhesion of dirt, the car obtains an advanced appearance.

A significant advantage of Nanoformula eco car wash products is deficiency of hazardous waste which is usually after conventional car cleaning with detergents. After applying eco car wash products with nano effects remains small amount of insoluble inert polymer mass on a cloth, which is utilized without pollution as regular solid waste. Thus, Nanoformula car cleaning products work "three in one": safe removes a dirt, provide additional protection and polish surfaces.

Range of eco car wash products for car cleaning

Factory designs two types of eco car wash products:

Nanoformula.Car.Cleaner – doesn’t content any water in composition and can be applied at any outdoor temperature and at any season. This car cleaning product is recommended for use in winter, when the application of usual water-based car cleaners becomes problematic or impossible.

For the warm season, the factory offers eco car wash product Nanoformula.Car.Cleaner Universal - water emulsion containing polymer phase with special water additives for cleaning bug tar, bird drops and other typical pollutants characteristic for warm season.

Consumption for eco car wash products with nano effects is 25-30 g / m2. For cleaning of medium class necessary about 150g eco car wash products. The standard package of the product is enough for cleaning the car 3 times. Expiry date for both products is 3 years.

Both types of eco car wash products with nano effects are packed in convenient bottle with trigger sprayer. It allows to economize apply car cleaners. For effective waterless car cleaning with eco car wash products recommend a microfiber cloth Nanoformula.Cloth.Terry or similar with same structure.

In both eco car wash products are used relatively cheap nano materials. Therefore these cleaners belong to available goods. Using Nanoformula car cleaning products provide qualitative and quick cleaning of the car without any significant cost and without pollution environment. Compared with the usual car care products, wash car with Nanoformula eco cleaners provide long time self-cleaned effect. It allows seldom clean the car and keeps the automotive in an excellent condition without much cost at any season.